Umas Amherst Graph Search

I chose Umass Amherst as my example of a graph search. At, first all the posts i was finding were of the news that broke tonight about the active gunman on the Umass Amherst campus. This post is being talked about by almost every major news outlet in Boston and some national sources, so it was naturally the latest post with the most attention surrounding it.

The next thing I did was searched places and events. I have a lot of friends who go to Umass Amherst and interestingly enough, Facebook would tell me events my friends were interested in, places they’re checked in to and even stuff they were talking about that had to do with Umass Amherst.

The difficult part was finding places in the surrounding community that they've gone to. It may be because my friends don;t post a lot of what they do on Facebook or because my search was limited to Umass Amherst, but just about everything that came up was public groups and class conversations people were having.

The graph search is an interesting tool, it can give you an idea of a specific place or who is interested in certain things, but it seems somewhat temperamental and needs you to be really specific. I could definitely see myself using this the same sort of way I use twitter, in that I use it to find out what types of conversations people are having about stuff or whats being posted about events. I definitely wouldn't say it’s my go to search engine, but it could be useful if i hit i wall researching something.