First of all, Tayasui Sketches Pro is the best drawing app out there. Simple, easy to use, and able to help you make all kinds of art. My 6 year old uses it, I use it, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to try their hand at digital art. No knock against Procreate or AutoDesk, I have just found this one to be the best.

I often find drawing to be an outlet for my creative side in speech-language pathology. Sketches Pro allows me to easily access my work, adapt it as needed, and share out with families quickly. I can print what I work on with the kids, or even share it with families and they can work on it at home.

Drawing? Speech therapy? How do they go together? See some of the pictures below, and you’ll get what I mean.

In this instance, I let the child choose the shape and color, and we were able to jump into some simple production exercises.

For some kids, we need to work in basic consonant vowel productions. Sketches Pro allows me to set up a simple star diagram. The child grabs a stylus (or uses their finger) and… Instant fun while working on their targets. They can pick their brush, their color, and drag their finger while talking. We can then share out with parents so they can see how the therapy is changed while at home

Same idea as above, but now we have a few “real” words mixed in as well as having the student pick a brush and trace out from the center as they say each production.

Once again, we are working in some simple productions, but this time I let the child make their own center shape. The tracing is a great way to let the kids take some ownership over the words they pick.

Doing some minimal pair work? Quickly write your words out or sketch a drawing or two- next, you can work on your auditory discrimination while the child checks each word. Then, you follow up with the child saying the targets while you point. Of course, you can share it out afterwards too.

There’s also a great feature that allows you to record the creation of pictures. Kids in individual therapy love watching videos back!

Let’s not forget that these pages can be saved automatically, and that they can become artifacts for your data collection. Review them with students from session to session, or edit and change them.

For the traveling therapist, Sketches Pro allows you to work in digital documents that can reduce your need for paper (who doesn’t want to be an environmentally responsible SLP?) while also making the therapy fun and engaging. Also, you can reuse images to reduce the demand on having to create the same things over and over.

Check out this video for a quick view of how to use visuals you have created already.

All in all, Sketches Pro is a great app for letting your creative side flow. Beyond that, it is a excellent app for quickly getting targets in place for your children to work on. What’s more, you can keep data and engage kids in the creation and manipulation of documents.

What other apps do you use for therapy?

Share some tricks with me about how to make therapy more engaging with other apps outside of the typical speech therapy app- thanks!