No Need To Pull Your Hair

6+12 To Live By

Six mistakes, we make on a regular basis.

1) The illusion that personal gain, is accomplished by crushing others.

2) The tenancy to worry about that, that cannot be changed or corrected.

3) Insisting that a problem is impossible, because we cannot carry out it.

4) Refusing to set aside trivial preferences, to prove we are right.

5) Neglecting development and refinement of the mind, body and soul.

6) Attempting to compel or persuade others to believe and live as we do.(Marcus Tullius Cicero)

These six statements, remind me of the serenity prayer.” God grant me the serenity to accept the problems I cannot change. The courage to change the problems I can, The wisdom to know the difference”. As I read, study, grow my mind, body and soul. It amazes me, that throughout the entire history of us as a people. It comes down to 18 simple rules, 6 above and 12 in the big book. These are not hard to follow or do, but on a regular basis it’s nearly impossible to keep. No great mysteries here, no extreme acts to perform, no hidden secrets to hear. If we want peace and serenity in our lives, get out of our self-imposed beliefs about ourselves. Here is the truth from an alcoholic, you and I are not, the all or the end of all life. There has to be something greater than ourselves a Higher Power, what ever you call it, it must be greater than us. Get out of self and into love of others. Change your thoughts, look for the good in all situations, and learn from it. We are here to enjoy this beautiful life, we create Heaven or Hell right here on earth, with our own everyday choices and thoughts. If we are in a state of misery and turmoil, it’s because we have put our own selves there. How free do we want to be? The choice is ours to seize.

Dan Richard