Protesters of the Dakota Access Pipeline use many different social media platforms to express their ideas and emotions.

Twitter has been used to provide live coverage of certain events regarding the pipeline.

By following the hashtag #noDAPL one can see all the live action events going on like protesters being arrested or complaints of those who are being negatively affected by this pipeline.

Facebook provides a lot of information regarding this issue.

There are posts that link to news articles, interviews, and different news coverage's.

Facebook is helping social activists against the Dakota Access Pipeline by providing proof as to why the pipeline should stop, such as videos recording spills from the pipeline that have a negative effect on the environment.

Celebrities are also showing their support through their Facebook, and other supporters have been using Facebook live-stream to cover events.

On Instagram the hashtag #noDAPL is popular with over 100 thousand posts.

There are many pictures that show either the resentment towards the pipeline or support for those who are trying to fight it.

Their are also a lot of memes regarding the pipeline, so maybe Instagram is being used as a way to vent frustrations.