LinkedIn Dark Patterns

or: Why Your Friends Keep
Spamming You to Sign Up for LinkedIn

My emotional Facebook post. (Pardon the language.)
When they say “Add to Network,” they really mean “Send 688 emails.”
“Invite selected Contacts” will send 2690 emails: some inviting to connect, others inviting to join LinkedIn.

Account Creation

The Landing Page

Basic Profile Info

The First Dark Pattern

A closeup of the dark pattern in question. Note the use of color discourage users from reading the explanation text.

OAuth Dialogue

LinkedIn hopes you won’t notice this additional permission

The Failure Screen

You need to find the tiny “Skip this step” link at the bottom right to proceed.

Are You Sure?

Why on earth would you want to skip seeing who you already know?

Confirm Your Google Account

One of the most insulting screens of this process. Since when does “Confirm my Google account” mean “Give us the entire contents of your address book?”

We Could Not Confirm Your Email Address

Confirmation Email

Add Your Email Address… Again?

Are You Sure… Again?

Just in case you didn’t mean to skip this step the last few times.

Get the App

Finally done

The New User Experience

The Welcome Email

Every Career Needs A Strong Network

You Don’t Want A Strong Career?

This popup is fantastically designed to trick you.

The Rest of the NUX

Done with the NUX?

Deja vu, right?

What About That Other Link in the Welcome Email?

Yet Another Way to Add Your Email Address

A Final Word

cofounder, @ambrookag. previously product @nytimes, @googledrive, @firebase, engineering @thenext50us, @minimill_co.

cofounder, @ambrookag. previously product @nytimes, @googledrive, @firebase, engineering @thenext50us, @minimill_co.