Living In Ecuador Week #33: Some Pre-Thanksgiving Thanks

Steak and mushrooms from Al Mercato

I’ve been feeling kind of down this week.

So, I’m going to write a list of things I’m thankful for in an effort towards positivity.

  1. Nobody has robbed me or otherwise messed with me while I’ve used public transportation in Quito. I’ve been warned that it can be dangerous and so far I’ve been pretty safe.
  2. I now have an appreciation for KFC that I didn’t have before. They are everywhere here. The 3-piece combo is called an “Ideal” and it might be just over the ideal limit of friend chicken.
  3. I’ve recently reconfirmed that I can get plenty of attention on my FB posts if I talk about the right (or wrong) things.
  4. The final season of House of Cards is on Netflix. I have one episode left to watch.
  5. Kali is a nice lady.
  6. It’s never that cold here, so I don’t have to freeze my tush off to take a November run.
  7. My iPhone 6s got crushed by a bus, but it still kinda works, at least, enough to listen to podcasts through the speakers.
  8. A story I wrote for work is up on
  9. A lot of my friends on social media voted, which means I have civically-minded friends. That’s probably a good thing.
  10. I ate insanely good steak and mushrooms (pictured above) at Al Mercato last week. If you’re ever in Quito with a bit of cash for a nice meal, go there. As Nacho says, “It’s the beeesst.”
  11. My little brothers showed me their basketball sneakers for this upcoming season and they’re pretty dope.
  12. I convinced myself to start doing push-ups and sit-ups most days.
  13. I’ve written all my stories for my Labels blog for 2019. This should help me start writing a first draft of a full-length novel.
  14. Even though the T-Wolves have had a muddy start with the Jimmy Butler fiasco, the NBA is in session again.
  15. Leaving the country ecourages people to express that they miss you. It might be selfish, but people saying they miss me makes me feel good. It makes me miss them too.


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