He turned the rubble from the t-mac/yao era into one of the top 5 teams by flipping assets and bad…
Jackrabbit Slim

Yeah, I’m not saying he’s a bad GM. Clearly he’s up there (which isn’t saying much). But why would you want to be the fifth-best team right now? What’s the plan? Anyone that has watched sports over the last thirty years could have told you the outcome in the playoffs for an all-offense, no-defense team. Is Houston, even with Blake Griffin or Chris Paul, beating the Cavs or Warriors in the short-term? Are they beating the Celtics, Warriors, or (gasp) the 76ers in the mid-term future? At this point, Houston is basically a more analytically oriented version of Detroit or Indiana, teams that just lose in the playoffs every year. Again, nothing wrong with that, but Ringer writers speak about him like he’s a God simply because he built a team that shoots 30 threes a game. That’s not a strategy, that’s a tactic, and it’s one that loses in the playoffs.

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