Andy Cohen and the Gay Male Gaze
anna dorn

As a gay person, I started to read this story with some interest….and it made some good points….at least until it started to make all kinds of societal connections and broad assumptions.

Andy’s line of questioning and behavior is wrong….but I can’t then draw correlations from Andy into broad comparison and connections to societal misogyny, homophobia, male genetic makeup etc.

Andy Cohen is just a singular creep….so don’t watch him! He is not a “bellwether” of anything but bad taste. I say the same for Perez Hilton, TMZ, Housewives and other “trash TV”. Exercise your control over all of this by……turning off your TV!!

I am gay….and lived my life with minimal interference, discrimination, or “homophobia”…..BECAUSE I focus on my own life and not spend my time trying to change the minds and thinking of any crackhead out there….or the whole world for that matter. We ALL face discrimination of some sort….due to race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, educational background, economic status, language skill, weight, baldness, etc etc etc. So, let’s get over what anyone else might think….and just focus on ourselves and our own lives…..

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