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Looked out the window this morning….and yep, the world has not come to an end, “Hilter” has not started up concentration camps here in America, and most things seem as they were on Nov 8, 2016…..despite the world-in-flames predictions of most Alt-Left crazies. In fact, based on data as recent as this past week…it seems employment has been getting substantially better (esp for minority groups….something Obama could never do), the stock market continues to grow wealth for Americans, and energy costs are uncharacteristically low.

As for Trump’s meetings with Russia….what was to be expected? Were you expecting Putin to admit tampering in US or other country’s elections? Foolish is you were…..Russia has been doing this for decades…this is nothing new. Did you hear that…..this is nothing new!!! It’s so status quo for Russia that Obama couldn’t be bothered to do anything substantive about it during his 8 years….or for that matter, he did little or nothing about China, Korea, and others that have been stealing our intellectual property and hacking our private/public sectors at ever increasing rates. So you can’t blame Trump for something Russia has been doing for decades.

Don’t forget, Russia is focused on their own self interest! It ALWAYS has been and always will be. Interesting, the only other real world power, China, is exactly the same way. Yes, somehow some Americans now seem to criticize anyone who believes its a bad idea to put America’s interest first. Thankfully those feelings seem to be largely limited to the Trump-hating, America-hating, Alt-Left crazies.

So Trump probably knows pretty well what to expect out of Russia. In fact, Trump’s actions to open up energy markets is probably the best and quickest way to destabilize Russian aggression. Their economy is one that only survives off of international energy sales. So if Trump is in Putin’s pocket as some crazies have suggested….this expanded energy policy certainly is not a way to endear Trump with Putin. In fact, our biggest European NATO allies are hog-tied by Russia as their entire economies would collapse without Russian energy. They occasionally talk a strong story….but they are powerless. Alternative sources of energy provided by the US will do more to secure their sovereignty more than just about anything else. It’s time for those allies to “step up to the plate” and do more to respect and appreciate what the US does for them…..and we do plenty.

Lastly, I suspect Putin is learning that Trump is not going to fall for any Russian promises. The last fool to do that was Hillary Clinton. Remember the “Russian reset” with that stupid red button? I am sure they had a hearty laugh about that in the Kremlin……and then Hillary sells them 20% of our uranium stockpile!! So who’s naive? If not incompetence….one can only conclude that decision was some sort of collusion.

If one can be truly objective, Trump is no more flawed than any of our past presidents. I am not a Trump lover, nor did not even vote for him. However, I refuse to fall into the camp of blindly hating this president without any meaningful and substantive facts. He is a different political leaders….and that is what many Americans have been seeking for years. Even if he is not your particular “taste”…..if he does nothing more than break the tradition of electing elitist, self-serving, corrupt, career politicians (both left and right), then his presidency will be a massive success.

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy the day….where it seems the world is not ending….at least today :)

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