Dear Boomers, Shut The Fuck Up About How Great Your Music Was

Keith Harris has a pretty funny look at this year’s boxed sets of CDs and vinyl over at The Concourse, but, unfortunately, he is writing about music Boomers listen to. And Boomer music dweebs are like Beetlejuice. So much as whisper the names of their bands, and they appear to defend them, calling you a hipster for not enjoying dinosaur rock.

And yes, I’m aware the term “dinosaur rock” is insulting to some people, but these are people who have nothing else to get insulted about. They are defending albums they bought in high school, and this is something no grown adult should do. And it’s not just that we have to validate their teenage tastes, it’s that we have to agree their music was better than ours.

It’s a weird sticking point for Boomers that their generation had the apex of all music and there is no good new music unless it sounds like “their” music. The selective amnesia here is actually offensive in how picky it gets. For example, here are the top singles from 1970; yeah, there are some great bands in there, but the vast majority of those songs you’ve never heard on the radio, and you’d have to dig pretty deep to find somebody who remembers the band.

This isn’t to say there was no good music in the Boomer years; of course there was. But there was great music in the ‘90s. There was great music in the ‘00s. There’s great music now. It’s fine to love something; just don’t get angry that somebody else doesn’t agree with it.

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