Procedural generated Content

The concept of procedural generated content isn’t new.

What it means is generating content algorithmically as opposed to manually

Like the video slots project, the game is random and at the end you get some kind of content, in my case a video, and now I have a YouTube channel with 133 videos of me losing ☺

I have been toying with the idea of creating something that could really have significant meaning and that the end result will have some kind of viewing quality.

So… I’d like to share with you my plan and take you with me on this little project about creating dynamic video content driven by data that will, at the end, entertain people.

The goal:

Create a YouTube channel that attracts viewers.

The content of this channel will be generated automatically based on code and dynamic video api.

The idea:

Use wikipedia as a source of information around a certain subject.

The theme of the channel will be a travel channel. I’m planning on making a show where someone travels to all the city’s in the world, following this wikipedia list

Now, all I need to come up with is a name and we can get started ☺

I’m planning on posting the whole process from creative to how I use the idomoo api to generate the videos and scene editing.

If you have any comments or ideas. Feel free to comment.