TL;DR Try video

Video is the best way to explane complex messages.

For a long time video in email was the number one way to send a personal video message to a user. But now email is losing the battle with the new generation of internet users.

So what do you do?

When you know how to generate dynamic video on the fly. Integrating video into any platform becomes easy.

Here are two examples I made based on the same idomoo video template, the art isn’t my best ( just one hour of work ).

The platforms that I selected are based on messaging and communication much like email but allow for a more interactive approach.

The first one is a birthday greeting bot for Facebook useing the Facebook bot api.

Click to give it a try.

type “hi” to get started.

And just today I used the same visual for a slack bot that you can use to send a personal video greeting or schedule one to be sent to a slack team member.

Here is a link for the video demo

Video is becoming easy to create and very wide spread across the internet.

Now with the ability to program the video content itself and generate it on the fly, there is no reason not to start talking back in video.

I’d love to hear what other platforms video can change, leave a comment, tell me what you think.

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