Video as Output

As part of my job in idomoo, leading the innovation department, i am all ways looking for new ways to use video as the end output of any programmable process or event.

Sometimes its hard for people, clients and colleagues, to understand the power of having an API to create dynamic video on the fly and i needed a way for them to understand.

So… i came up with a nice little project i call “VIDEO SLOTS”

What is video slots?
well, at the core its a simple python script that generates random slot wheels each hour and checks to see if there was a winning combination or not.

The nice thing about this is that every run, i generate a dynamic video with the randomized slot wheels and the result.

The final videos gets uploaded to my YouTube Channel as a playlist with a date,title and result. (my channel)

This very simple example shows how to turn any simple or complex data or event into a video that is much more fun and engaging to watch then pure raw data.

its just a small example but i have a bigger idea in mined :)
ill keep updating as i try to find new ways to push programmable videos to do new and exciting things.