What’s in my Tech Bag — Early 2017 Edition

I’m not exactly a road warrior but I do travel a bit; mostly the road from St. Louis to Chicago (which occurs once or twice a month). I have a backpack I use for my travels that is usually ready to go, but when it is time for me to take a bigger trip I usually reevaluate. I decided to finally make some more use of this account to write about what I usually carry in my tech bag and how it has been for the first half of this year.

LEGO branded OGIO Metro Backpack

First starting with the bag itself is an OGIO Metro Backpack. You’ll notice that this is a LEGO branded backpack which makes it pretty special to me and why I’ve carried it around for so long. It came from the employee store in Enfield, CT and I added the awesome LEGO Superman keychain to one of the zippers myself.

Now on to the rest of what was in this bag (starting from the top left)…

Contents of the bag as of June 2017

iPad Pro 12.9" — This is the first generation 12.9" iPad Pro in a Speck StyleFolio Pencil case (more on this below). the iPad is mainly a consumption device but this is also the device that really got me into drawing, and I love to draw on this using Procreate.

15" Space Gray MacBook Pro with Touch Bar — My main machine everywhere I go. Writing, image editing, browsing the internet, the rare podcasting appearance, and even some occasional light gaming. I have this in a Tucano Elements Second Skin sleeve which I have had for years and has been the second skin to many iterations of MacBooks in my home (which unfortunately looks like this specific one is no longer made).

Sennheiser Urbanite On Ear Headphones — For on ear headphones I liked these better than Beats in price, performance, comfort, and their design. I will EVENTUALLY make the move to noise cancelling headphones, but I think these are a pretty decent pair of on ear cans in the meantime

Sony Alpha A6000 — I am not much of a photographer but I like to flirt with the idea occasionally and this camera helps my pictures come out decently with my minimal skill level. There are great presets for it, it’s more compact than a traditional DSLR (thanks to it being a mirrorless system), and there is a camera app for my iPhone which will allow me to send pics of my choosing straight to my camera roll.

Mini Tripod — I don’t recall the brand but this is a very basic and very small tripod for the A6000

Time Porter for Apple Watch by Twelve South — This is an excellent companion when traveling with the Apple Watch and multiple bands. More on this below.

Burt’s Bees Res-Q Ointment — Part of my on the go medical needs. It’s a good smelling salve. Good for small cuts, rashes, itching, dry skin…the list goes on. It’s small, it’s in a tin, and it smells good.

First Aid Kit — This is a small box by Johnson & Johnson, and in it I have an assortment of bandaids, alcohol wipes, Pepto Bismol tablets, some Advil, Immodium, and blister bandages.

SD Card Adaper — This was used to connect an SD Card to a USB port, but I do not have much use for this anymore.

Moleskine Notebook — I always have an analog notebook with me now; usually I have more than one. I have taken to Bullet Journaling and list making and just jotting down notes when I need to get things out of my brain. I used to try to do this on my phone but I found that the thoughts and items get lost amongst too many note files.

Nintendo Switch — I try not to be an agent of hyperbole, but as someone who has been there since their beginning into gaming I feel that this is the greatest console Nintendo has launched. I have never been super into mobile gaming, but the Switch has me hooked. I have it in the Limited Edition Breath of the Wild case which is enough to store the console, cables, extra Joy-Con controllers, and several games.

A Small LED Flashlight — I used to always have a flashlight with me which really came in handy when I least expected it. This has been in my bag for years and will likely make its way out soon.

Tums — At one point in my life I started getting heartburn all the time, so I always have some Tums with me.

Tucano Elements Second Skin Cable Pouch — I ordered this when I bought the laptop sleeve mentioned above. It holds all of my charging cables and compliments the laptop sleeve very well.

Sucrets Case — This has SOME Sucrets in it but also holds the lightning adapter for my Apple Pencil (which is very small) spare AA batteries, and a nail trimmer.

Altoids — This is just some breath mints to stay fresh. These are my favorite.

Power Strip — This adds a few more outlets and some USB ports to wherever I go, and it’s a small compact brick.

Apple Magic Mouse — I actually like this thing, so I bring it along with me for use in case I am not in the mood to use the trackpad on the MacBook Pro. The spare batteries I carry in the Sucrets case is for this.

Kleenex Travel Pack — A pack of Kleenex always comes in handy, much better than blowing your nose into some napkin you pick up at a coffee shop along the way in your travels.

Ziploc Baggie full of Wipes — This has hand sanitizing wipes, wipes for my glasses (not pictured), more alcohol wipes, and even a small cloth for wiping down screens.

Not Pictured — Things I forgot to include here are:

A pen I use for writing, right now I am using an Apple branded pen I bought from the Company Store at Infinite Loop from when I was there last.

My Kindle Paperwhite — This is the main way I consume books now. I check out many from my local library on Overdrive. I love being able to highlight things and sending the notes to myself, as well as linking my activity automatically to GoodReads.

Now onto the Speck StyleFolio Pencil case. This is my favorite case I have gotten for an iPad yet. It has several sturdy options for display of the tablet, but what I love most is it’s included storage option for the Apple Pencil. I haven’t seen any other option nail it this well yet.

The Time Porter for Apple Watch by Twelve South doubles as a charging case which contains the charging cable, power brick, AND extra watch bands. With the case closed the charging disc faces out and you just lay the watch across the top of the case.

And that’s a wrap! I am getting ready to go on a trip now so I am probably changing a bit of this up and that will give me an excuse to do another post in the future! Thanks for reading!