This article completely outlines the problem with Trump and the mindset of his supporters.
Matthew Cobb

Matthew… thanks for the reply.

My point of the article is to say the country is a mess, DESPITE constantly voting for the typical politician. I held my nose and voted for Romney. I held my nose and voted for Bush.. .twice. The ONLY candidate that I have ever voted for without holding my nose is Reagan.

So if always voting for someone that is considered the “real deal” or the “constitutional conservative” or the “smart guy” has gotten us even further into debt, and even further away from liberty… why NOT give someone from completely outside the system a chance to take a whack at it? How is it going to get any worse? I’m not sure it’s even possible. Yes, we’re taking a chance with Trump. I get that. I soooooo get that. And yes, maybe he’s taken positions in the past (as a private citizen, not a politician) that doesn’t square with my values. But what he’s saying NOW is resonating. And perhaps what he’s saying NOW, he KNOWS is what needs to be done after having the stances he’s had in the past.

My article was simply trying to put a finger on what is happening in the electorate. We sense that there is no hope. It’ll be politics as usual, unless we take a bulldozer to it all… we need a bull in a China shop. I’m not saying this is a decision I take lightly. I’m an EXTREMELY conservative person. To the point that I have stopped calling myself a Republican because of how liberal it has become. So it’s painful to vote for Trump. But it’s really my last ditch effort to salvage our country. A vote for Cruz gives Clinton the Presidency. And I can’t stand Rubio and his immigration stances. So it’s either Trump or nothing for me. And if Trump tries to accomplish even half of what he’s discussed, it’ll be the most successful Presidency in recent memory. And most Conservatives would be ecstatic as well.

What I find disheartening is conservatives being so sure that a Trump presidency would be worse than what we’ve had in the past 30 years that they’re willing to allow Clinton to be President rather than support Trump. That is party suicide and complete nonsense. Doubly disheartening is a party that is okay with shaming everyone to support an establishment candidate like Romney all the way to loser status because “he’s our guy so get on board” but now that the front runner isn’t “their guy”, they want to take their ball and go home and promise to NOT support the GOP nominee. That is something I thought only Democrats did.

This entire election cycle has only made me disappointed and disillusioned with my own party. To the point that I honestly don’t see me sticking with them after this election cycle.

I wish you the best, Matthew. Thanks again for your comment.

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