Why I’m Secretly Rooting For President Trump
M.G. Siegler

Not sure if you gave this any thought but perhaps you’re looking at the election through the lens of the typical politician. Yes, most politicians probably run for a purpose other than what they think they can do for the country. (Ego, money, power, fame…etc.) But doesn’t the fact that Trump already HAS all that and actually has a lot to LOSE (money being one) in the process of becoming President, lend any credence to the fact that he actually WANTS to do something for his country? In one of the videos that have circulated of a younger Trump (on Oprah or somewhere) he said that if he ever did run for President, he’d win. No pussy footing around. So your assessment that he did it as some sort of publicity stunt is probably inaccurate. I don’t think Trump enters into any competition with the expectation of losing. (America loves that kind of personality characteristic.)

So PERHAPS, as shocking of a revelation as this might be, PERHAPS he feels that he CAN make America great again. I know, I know… believing that to be true is a stretch for the liberal media (you included), but perhaps your assessment of the man is simply one of unjustified partisan angst.

And how can anyone think that a man who has run a multi-billion dollar organization with tens of thousands of employees will run a country any WORSE than a community organizer? I think all this talk of how he’d be an unmitigated disaster as a President is simply a manifestation of an inferiority complex that anyone that says that, might have about their own political ideologies. Because how CAN our own opinions be wrong? It’s impossible.

I honestly don’t know if he’d be a good President or not. That’s actually the honest assessment that you or anyone else should actually say. Hell, I don’t even know what criteria one can objectively base that assessment on. To some, Obama is perfection personified. To others, he’s Satan incarnate. So saying that someone, anyone, would be a bad President is just silly and partisan. That’s why we have elections. If we all knew who would be an amazing President, we’d just have them be President.

I have explained, in very simple terms, why Trump is winning over such a varied sample of the American electorate in my article, “Dummies Guide to Trump”. Oh, and Trump will win the Presidency, too. Mark my words. He’s too much of a force of nature to stop. Heaven help us all.

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