I can absolutely see how saying that would be offensive, but this is the part of the electorate that has given us Sarah Palin
The scariest thing about Trump is that he’s a delusional narcissist with no internal moral compass.

With all due respect, I don’t think you’ve been paying much attention to some of the leaders on the left. It’s just that politicians on the right get panned in the media more ruthlessly because their political ideology isn’t sanctioned by 90% of the people that write about such things. So they simply must be degraded to the point of exhaustion in order to delegitimize them in the eyes of the electorate.

If Pelosi was a Republican, everyone with a TV or an internet connection would know her as “Nancy (Crazy Eyes) Pelosi”. But since she’s a Democrat, crickets from the leftstream media about all her vast quantities of bat sh*t craziness.

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