It was 11 am on a Wednesday. Slumping on a kitchen chair at home staring out the window I couldn’t help but think — what just happened? Hours earlier the company I was with went through layoffs and I got cut. This was my third design job in a year…

Key habits of highly effective designers

Planning often gets a bad rep. We often think of plans as rigid structures that fall apart as soon as the plan makes contact with reality. That’s not the type of planning we’ll be talking about here.

I’d like to show you how you can use a lightweight form of…

Key habits of highly effective designers

Design for progress > perfection
Make it a daily goal to show progress

Early on in my career I had a bad case of imposter syndrome. I would delay showing my work until I thought it was perfect trying to cover all the possible use cases. Other times I would underestimate the project and start on it later — how difficult can it…

Key habits of highly effective designers

As designers, we have the superpower of making the future concrete. When we’re deep in the work mocking something up, it might not feel like we’re doing anything special, it’s just part of the job description. And yet, not everyone has this ability.

By giving shape to ideas we can…

What does it take to be an effective designer? As a discipline, digital design is always flux. New technologies and new tools are coming on the scene all the time. It’s important to have the craft down and know your way around the latest tools. But that’s just the beginning.

Part 1

Glass found a new home in the doctor’s office

“Google Glass huh? Is that thing still around?” would be the typical response I would get when I said I design for Glass.

When it was launched to the public Glass was universally panned. Things got so bad we got a new term, Glasshole. …

Dan Shilov

Designer and author of Land Your Dream Design Job ( a guide for UX Designers to find their next role.

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