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Accounting requires the acknowledgment of all the cost, expenses, and results of all associated with the lack of assimilation of people who are not, have not, and cannot become assimilated into this nation.

The result that cost of all of the social services provided to those who are foreigner, in this nation requiring special needs are much more, and actually insignificant to the cost of deportation.

The worst case scenario is the reality that in this nation, with this absolute irrational concept of a damn-o-crazy allowing all to vote who breath, results in the simple conclusion that a majority genocide can occur. Were the foreigners, with foreign idolatry of concept as islamism, communism, and other isms will become the majority and by the vote destroy the very ethnicity, and the wonder of this nation. Resulting in this nation becoming as Lenin identified; Democracy is indispensable to socialism.

Long ago, Aristotle provided this observation; Tolerance and Apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.

The great fallacy of propaganda that we are a nation of immigrants is as absurd as the acceptance this nation isn’t Christian. The propaganda of using the poem of the Colossus by Emma Lazarus which is on the Statue of Liberty though it say it all, we as a nation don’t read the only thing of true value. As the poem says, we accept all to this nation. Yet there is, and always will be one caveat. That one line we forget, that ‘Keep Ancient Land Your storied Pomp’.

When you come to this nation, you accept to become one with this nation. You abandon the theocracy of your past society, you abandon the ethnicity of your past, and you assimilate into the wonder of what is, and has always been America.

Far to many in this nation with generations of being in this nation, legally, and illegally have not assimilated, have not become one with this nation.

As such they are as dangerous as the Japanese the invaded Manchuria, the Italians that invaded Ethiopia, and the many cults of communism that have turned life for so much of mankind into not wonder, but dread.

Foremost among idolatry is the demented idolatry of mohammad, institutionalized barbarism to destroy the very nature of man’s inalienable rights, and the dignity of mankind.

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