Always interesting, that so many myopic presentations are written lacking the foundations of the cause whenever America’s problems are identified. Resulting in the reality, that often overlooked is the wonder what America is.

In all of the cases, some false construct, refuting the reality of cause is not identified. Yes there are many pathetic scenarios that occur, in fact so numerous and disheartening that they shadow the millions upon millions of successful lives, which are dismissed.

The cause of all misery in the society, the world in which we live, is known, and has been known since the very foundations of mankind. Simply that man of all creatures arrives ignorant, and with so few instinctive knowledge it takes years and years of dependency of others for man to matriculate to exist in the society, then as today.

No individual arrives with language. The ability exists, but no one is preprogrammed to speak. As they cannot speak, they have no programming for learning, reasoning, or even acknowledging the concepts of thought. The simples of all requirements every individual must acquire, or they are forever a ward, mentally deficient requiring assistance, and caring all of their lives.

What is the foundation of this system of matriculating people? The obvious answer, which is so often attacked in this false analogy of refuting the obvious, is the family. The strange phenomena that mankind is currently advancing, the acceptance of queers, the concept of one can by their own relativism declare they are man or woman, all reek of social insanity propagated by whom, and for what purpose?

Of all those who approached this reality and reached conclusions, one man, who is identified as genius, who I identify as the genius of evil, Antonio Gramsci wrote his design to destroy a Christian, capitalist nation. His book, the ‘Prison Notebooks’ as he was in prison incarcerated in Fascist Italy by Mussolini, Italy’s dictator, contains his design. What is unique about this presentation is not that his template was for destroying a Christian, capitalist society, it was for destroying any civilized nation. The proof of his success is to but evaluate the nations that are following his design. Unfortunately, the numbers of nations that are following his design are all of the nation’s currently on the surface of this planet.

The result, all nations are experiencing the exact result that Charles-Louis de Secondat, Baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu, a 17th century idealist, and philosopher, concluded a society required. His consideration is simple, every society requires the mores (the standards of the society), the morals (the excepted right and wrong), and the religion (requires as the foundations to clarify and preserve those mores, and the morals) or that society. Montesquieu’s writing were to identify the requirements of society before that society has matriculated to the point that governments are required.

Here is the problem with this nation, not the myopic examples that are the effect, the result of this nation forgetting that a nation without this foundations, is condemned to be what we have in America, France, England, and even Russia, and China, India, and any other nation on the face of this planet today. Have created, and are creating their own demise in the same rejection of the observation of Montesquieu, as this nation, America, has.

It is not that society has failed, it is that society has rejected the conclusions known since man’s beginnings, when literacy, and the recording of what works, and what does not work for society. Those revelations can be found in many existing writing of man. Every society has developed and created some format, some reasoning, some social amenity for the reasons that society, those people, and the citizens of that society either are forced to adhere to, or accept. The result is that all nations of the earth have government, have a civilization, but the question they lack; are they civilized?

Perhaps that is the error of modern society, that was identified long ago, long before even the literacy of man, and advanced by John Locke in his ‘Second Treaties of Government’. Where he identified that in the realty if the species of man, there are laws of nature, that man, with the God given freedom of thought, reason, and free will, accepts as they are what separates man from animals.

The certain things are obvious, that man should not kill his fellow man. Is this so unique? If it is then why is cannibalism, and the death of one’s own, so rejected even most species of mammals. The exception even in man, are an abnormality of what is accepted as normal social conscious.

How simple, and simply put, in the Thesis of John Stuart Mill; stated this quite concise as: We accordingly call a people civilized, where the arrangements of society, for protecting the persons and property of its members, are sufficiently perfect to maintain peace among them. Sound familiar, is this not the inalienable rights of man as identified in our founding document the ‘Declaration of Independence’? Did not the statement, that all men are created by their creator to certain inalienable rights, among them, life, liberty, and if we take what Samuel Adams identified, the property, which Locke identified, and has been identified since the beginning literacy of mankind and society? Did our founding not identify why a government is created? Did they not identify that in order to secure these rights — the rights ordained on man from his creator — governments are made among men, to insure such? Is this not the natural rights of man, the reality of society, knowns since the literacy of mankind to record the obvious?

Yet even with that there are societies that reject this reality. Think of communism, think of mohammadism, think of socialism, think of even a democratic republic, or a democratic socialist society; are they not all the antithesis the diametric opposite of the laws of nature, and what nature’s God would accept? When the government in their infinite wisdom that they can play god little (g) on earth, the hell with what God as our creator ordained, society has problems?

When social order, removes itself from the social order accepted by the society, then you have no social order. Sounds trite, and confusing, but it is as vital for a nation, and anything a nation could ever possess. Think of the wording used by Montesquieu, a society — not a nation — must have their own mores, morals, and the religion to advance those accepted criteria, before they have government.

Is not our society the opposite of what that design is? Is not our nation today, and the world’s government also the inverse of that concept? Is not society today the scenario of government, playing god little (g) on earth, dictating to all the mores the morals, and as they are the religion, advocating the same criteria they created? Is this more like the idiotology of mohammad, where there is a theocracy of his idolatry, a governance, where the demented psychopathic maniacal relativism of a social pariah’s demented social construct is the basis? Alternatively, the psychopath concepts of Marx, advancing theft are the foundations for a society, the hell with human nature, or natural rights of man?

There is many things about America that are not of America’s design. The genocide of the indigenous population, the destruction of the cultures, and societies that once existed in this part of the continent, this nation. The acceptance of sharia law, leading to slavery being part of our history, and the insanity of today where the advancement of civil authority, the totalitarian sovereignty of the state over society permeates our government, and cripples the citizens in which we live, all combine to make this nation, nothing like what was the original design of our nation.

Yet this nation, had something in its genesis, even with our errors that began a process, identified best by George Washington when he called this nation the great experiment.

Yes it is true, this nation is an experiment. As such it is not a design where we know the result of the path we are upon. In the song ‘Tumbling Tumbleweed’ is this line. Nowhere to go but I’ll find, Just where the trail will wind. Perhaps this is the effigy that bests perhaps this nation. The great experiment, with all the errors of the past, and surely more errors that are being at this moment created by the same entity responsibility for so much of our pain and tragedy in this nation, our own government.

Yet in the reality of what is, the society that once was America, is the best that man has. There is no other that even comes close. Sure there are those who have nation’s where the people in some illusion they have a better society, a better life, yet this measurement is disregarding the reality that though America has many errors, many problems, the foundations are sound. The error currently of this nation are many, but the foundations of a civilized society exist.

There is a sad reality that exists, and will always exist, until this nation acknowledges its foundations, its philosophy, and the ideals of what this nation was designed to be. It would be a wonder if only the reality of facts were once again brought to the forefront.

The concept that if America, is no more, is the answer to worldwide wonderful society for all, is as much of a fallacy as the concept that theft is a reasonable design for a society.

America; is not America if it forgets who it is, and how it came to be. Those who died, to conquer this land, those who died to exploit the wealth of this land, and all who died to preserve the foundations of this nation, and the wonders of what it stands for and is, are insulted by the continuing erosion of the very principles, the ethnicity, and the homogeneous nation of its design.

It is a fallacy, an illusion that this nation, or any nation can preserve what it is by rejecting the reality that all men are not the same, and that all societies are capable of co-existing with each other. The history of mankind has no such example that exits.

Civilization is not universal. It exists in few places, and those what are, are under attack by those of theocracies, idolatries, and idiotology, that are, and never have been civilized. Until this reality is accepted and acknowledged by the society of the citizens of this nation, there is no future for our nation, or an example for the world to have.