The End of the American Experiment
umair haque

As one where hope springs eternal, your heading ‘The End of the great American Experiment’ grabbed my attention.

The reason, it is something that happened long, long, ago, and most don’t realize it. Then reading your article, again I was amazed that the very things that destroyed America, are you measurement of why we failed. There could not be anything more the inverse, the diametric opposite, of the presentation you made, than the presentation you made.

Where does the first fallacy of your — idolatry — lacking reason or fact begin? Perhaps it is the use of the world Democracy, as it has been corrupted in our society, lacking what it was, or was designed to be. Few realize that Democracy, as it was begun in ancient Athens as a form of representative government. Now in this nation — formed as a Republic — those who qualified as citizens, an earned right, then gained the right to vote, as the result of those votes was also their responsibility.

The end of this nation began, when this fallacy of because you breath, then you can vote, and responsibility is not only not a requirement, reason and thought is also not required.

Yet though this fantasy if advanced, it is not the beginning, of the end, of this REPUBLIC!

Every thinking individual, depending on their own decision of what is, and what is not, this great experiment, can make their own determination of when, or what was the demise of this nation’s visions of absolute wonder; that great experiment. As such, as all are different, many will agree, but there are as many points of this nation’s death, than there are of what this nation’s design really is. So, instead of tackling such a large possibility — and I have my own prejudice or our nation’s failure — let’s concentrate on your idiotology of what this nation is, and why it is a failure.

Your constant evaluation that the Marxist concept of ‘from each according to their ability, to each according to his needs’ has never been shown it works. As you advocate this on a continuum, it is interesting that you make generalities of the socialist failures of Europe as examples, but never once make any presentation of how this wonder reflects on the lives of the citizens, or an example. Here is an example of the wonder of socialized Europe that most should be able to comprehend. In Europe, there are no moving companies. The reason is simple, for one to have a house, you have to wait until your parents die, and then you have your house. You do not need a moving van, for it is where you live, as it is impossible to buy your own house — unless you are a bureaucrat — in those same wondrous socialist nations you say have such a wonder of (I loved this presentation, I’m sure Lenin is smiling in hell on this one) moral universals.

Once there was a nation that actually had had moral universals. They called then something different, they called them — as was identified by Samuel Adams — inalienable rights, that all men were by birth endowed with. Is not that the true measurement of moral universals? Is it not when the consideration of all — every citizen, every individual, has their rights protected by the power of government — as the design of this nation — ‘That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,’ not the true measurement of moral universals?

Then as if to compound the error of your hypothesis, your singular idolatry of your individual relativism, that socialism is the answer, the hell with facts, or reason, you added this error to that evaluation. What is this and what does it mean, moral universals civilize people?

Civil, civilized, or even some society that has egalitarianism of the society is advanced by communism, and socialist totalitarian sovereignty of government? Again, where is this example, Venezuela, China, Russia, or any of the social cesspools of Europe? There is none, there is no nation on the face of this planet — even the United States — that can fly that banner they are civilized. Perhaps it’s the identification of what civilized is, versus what I’d call slavery.

There is no known identification of civilized society that I’ve known that is more concise than John Stewart Mill’s in his theism stated this quite concise: ‘We accordingly call a people civilized, where the arrangements of society, for protecting the persons and property of its members, are sufficiently perfect to maintain peace among them.’

Perhaps you could reach more of us the unwashed of society, if you could even give us some insight to this marvelous moral universals civilize people are, or what it is!

One of you observations was so concise, yet how you observed it so opposite, it must be examined. ‘That is what a lack of civilization really results in, or to put more prosaically, there is no sanity or humanity, much less reason, wisdom, or virtue in such decisions — only nihilism, fatalism, and despair.’

This utopic concept that socialism, communism, and totalitarian sovereign central planning, could never have a better identification than what you’ve identified. Is it not the reality of such idiotology that there is no reason, that wisdom is rejected, and past knowledge rejected, and that with theft as the foundations of the concept of totalitarian sovereign government, there is no possibility of virtue. While the results of every known communist society is, nihilism, fatalism, and despair of the individual future, the darkness lacking dreams, or even abstract thought, are removed.

There are points of you communist claptrap that if expanded have viability. The mistake of corporate construct, communism in another form, the lack of monetary policy rewarding the productive, and the fantasy of a Democracy without responsibility, are all problems this nation has to deal with. Yet in all of the world, the vehicle to do so, are limited by the past mistakes of the illusion that this nation is a democracy. As such without responsibility, will be difficult to cure — for the power of ignorance of a society — will as was identified long ago by John Locke, long ago refuted reason, for political altruism, what you are proposing as societal advancement. Our design is the only one known to advance civilized society. The application of that design, begun when — my opinion when we accepted the constitution and advanced the Article I section I gave all power to the congress of this nation — the hell with the people — led to the corrupted result we are now experiencing.


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