Why Can’t America Learn From the World?
umair haque

How enlightening it is to read one of Umah Hague’s articles to receive the propaganda of Marxist dogmatic idiotology on a continuum.

This latest article, ‘Why Can’t America Learn From the World?’ magnifies the absolute fallacy, and false construct of theft by government, is not, and never can be, the answer to societies problems.

Your evaluation of this illusion of the perfect world, misses one thing — like all communist — you miss the rights of the individual, or the responsibility of each and every individual for themselves.

This analogy is one that is especially eye opening. Every other rich country in the world was more successful than (sic, let’s call it what you are identifying, America). At being a society: expanding the limits of human potential; enabling people to live happy, healthy, sane, long lives full of creativity, grace, mercy, dreams, justice, truth, love.

In the propaganda of Marxist idiotology, this siren song of false narrative is the baseline of that social enigma. There is only one problem with that illusion, or hallucination. There is no example anywhere in the world where any of the identifiers identified exist in any communist, democratic socialist, or even in nations who call themselves Democracies.

The why is obvious, as Margaret Thatcher, the late British Prime Minster shared, the problem with socialism, communism, and the way our own government operates, is that you eventually run out of other people’s money. Sounds trite, but it is and has always been the problem with any form of social design constructed on stealing from some for the preservation of political power of a few.

There is a comedy in your statements that stands out as being ludicrous, in observation. When I read this, I couldn’t even find any correlation to your dogma of Marxist claptrap, and these observations. At being a society: expanding the limits of human potential; enabling people to live happy, healthy, sane, long lives full of creativity, grace, mercy, dreams, justice, truth, love.

How comical in retrospect. In every nation of the world, what is the greatest dream that all of the citizens — except those who exist on the teat of government — wish to have? Why is it that so many, from so many countries, around the world, in every continent of this planer, have as their biggest dream? The answer is obvious, to somehow, legal or illegally, get to America, the United States. Why, it is the only place on the face of the earth that has a certain environment — corrupted currently by a congress of absolute despicable actions — where people, humans, have the inalienable rights that our creator gave all men; liberty, and freedom. Lacking liberty, in any society, it is, and has always been impossible to have the concepts of even acknowledging human potential, for there is no creativity, no dreams, and lacking the liberty of man, the society has no justice, in which grace and mercy can exist.

The final knife in the back was this statement you made. What would — should — you do? The first thing a sane leader should do is: learn from the rest of the world, because it’s more successful in every way. Here are some things you could learn.

Then as if to compound the error of your propaganda, you provided these examples. You could learn from Germany’s Mittelstand, that it’s economic strength is based on clusters of medium sized companies, which are protected by the government — not from competition, but with decent wages, benefits, and work hours. Really, do you really believe this? Is it not the reality that those who work, have their standard of living reduced to support those who don’t? Is it not the reality that the German government uses the debauching of the currency, as in America, reducing the purchasing power of the worker, to less than its value on the world market? Do you have any concept of international trade — and the affect — that government manipulation has on the wealth of the citizens? Apparently not, as Marx you are clueless of enterprise, and the market interactions that create the wonder of one country, and one country only — though it is being destroyed by the same forces that destroy all nations; government — America.

You could learn from France’s agricultural system, in which private farms and vineyards and so on must receive cooperative certifications to make high-quality goods the world demands, like fine wine, champagne, and cheese. Really, our nation needs to lean from others about agriculture? Then explain this, why does this nation destroy crops, in order to make fuel, that is destroying engines, reducing mileage, and creating an insane SUBSIDIZED government fiasco all because of the idolatry of some fallacy of reducing man’s effect on the environment? When there is no proof, or even indication that he is, or can? Explain then why this nation is using agricultural products, feeding the world, on the world market price, while our nation’s government allows the importation of goods and services from other nation, that do not have the burdensome problem of regulations, and taxation created by our own government? This could go on and on, but once again you know nothing of international trade, monetary policy, or government regulations as you advance the mantra of communist claptrap.

This is really comical, and in the current environment of today, you are apparently clueless of the American form of government. ‘You could learn from Australia’s compulsory voting systems, with ranked, not just binary, ballots.’ There are two major concepts that stand out magnifying you have no idea of the American form of society. One that is so important in our nation’s design, is that as citizens with liberty, and what is left of our freedom, we don’t as those citizens think much of ‘COMPULSARY’ anything. The prime example is the tragedy of the compulsory medical health insurance participation of the communist Affordable Health Care Act. Another is, the concept that one would be forced to participate in the false election fiasco that you correctly identified as the choice between the shill of the Democrat, and Republican Party. This distortion currently is under attack by the infusion of Trump, an outsider, and not a party candidate in the last election. Yet in this nation, not only can the people make the choice not to vote. They are under attack in this nation of allowing those who are not of this nation, illegals, allowed to vote. In any society of reason that would be called insanity, in this nation when there are those within government that advance this insanity of one world government, we are all alike, and insanity is equal to reason, we have a problem. When you cannot verify that those who are voting for the altruism of government handouts, are citizens, this nation already has a problem.

You could learn from the story of Britain’s NHS — born in post-war chaos, the world’s first real public healthcare system, which lifted quality of life tremendously. How you can say this is beyond comprehension. The health care system is Britain is not a health care system; it is health care government totalitarian sovereignty of restricting health care, and only supporting those, of the choice, that same government. The citizens and the people allowed to go to hell.

There is only one health care system that once was the world’s greatest. It was this nation, America, until the government, decided to interfere in the wage controls of WWII, and have never let the system revert to where it makes any economic sense.

As if an article, lacking facts or truth wasn’t distorted enough. You finished this propaganda of communist mantra by this punch line. ‘So when we say that Americans have a leadership deficit, we don’t simply mean that America is run by freaks with a predilection for crazy religious theories and guns. More genuinely, we mean that those theories, and more importantly, the hubris behind them, leave them are incapable of learning from the world about what leadership is.’

Your conclusion is interesting. Our nation, America, has a leadership problem. Based on what truths, what facts, and what examples? There are dissertations of the errors of the application of our nation, America, and its application of the design of our wonder. This design which has perverted, and corrupted, not by the visions and idealism of our nation, but by this nation, not complying with our philosophy, and our design, but with accepting What America Learned From the World; creating the mess we have today!

It’s difficult to provide a basis for something you have no more comprehension of America than is expressed in what you write. One can conclude you’ve read the ‘Communist Manifesto, the ludicrous insanity Hitler’s Mein Kampf, or the absolute irrational institutionalized barbarism of mohammad’s trifecta of the queeran, the hadith, and the surri; all concept of social idiotology rejecting the rights, or the sanctity of life, or of man.

How sad that you reside in the greatest wonder ever of social construct, lacking any comprehension, understanding, or even the slightest acknowledgement of what it is that makes the life of man the wonder it could be. The life for man, is liberty, the protection from the totalitarianism, and the dictate of other men, but of freedom from that oppression.

Perhaps if you knew the words of John Locke, Charles-Louise Montesquieu, or even the knowledge of the Trial of Socrates, you’d possess perhaps the fundamental kernel of what liberty, and a free man, with free will and abstract thought is. Presently you are here, with no idea where you are.


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