Yes, Retail Is Dying. No, It’s Not Because of the Minimum Wage.
Paul Constant

This absolute lack of comprehension of how an economy works, and what effects it, is beyond the logic cognitive acceptance of any rational citizen of this nation.

If what this author advocates, had any validity, then where is the example?

The parasitical appetite of government, federal, state, and local, is making the brick and mortar stores a relic of the past. When those who are elected into these entities that have some concept, their own idolatry, of some idiotology, they are the god little (g) of our society, then the results are as they are.

Politicians delude themselves, in some fantasy that taxing, taxing, and taxing some more has the magic formula that will create some Kumbaya that has never existed. It is not minimum wages, not the ridiculous price of property, created by the debauchery of the currency, and the devaluation of the dollar — though all contribute to this nation’s destruction — it is the tax, tax, and tax some more of government that is, and has always been the danger to our society.

This fantasy advanced by so many in Seattle that as restaurants close, businesses leave, and the economy is going on more and more altruism of government assistance, is some better form of an economy, that a true economy, is beyond the reasoning of anyone who applies reason to such a scenario.

The false scenario of Keynes, with his communist concept that central planning, the control of the monetary and fiscal policy of any society, is even tolerable, refutes every known principle that this nation — America — was founded on.

Perhaps the fantasy of civil rights, and government dictates that have, and are destroying this nation, will be duplicated once again in Seattle, and then they can say, we didn’t do it right. How sad.


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