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Buttons I’d Love on a TV Remote

Please, make this funnier.

Make This Funnier

Does what it says. Makes Joanie Loves Chachi feel like Taxi.

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Sends the audio to be translated five times into different random languages, then back to English and then spoken by a really good text to speech engine in real time. Can be used with Make This Funnier after signing and notarizing paper waiver about heart conditions and stuff like that.

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Intelligent Banter

Plays intelligent banter by pundits who have somehow never become annoying caricatures. Make sure some of the conversations challenge my beliefs with cogent thought.

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Dude Mode

Just play The Big Lebowski on loop until I turn the TV off.

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Diet Mode

Can’t you see I’m trying to lose a few pounds? Take out all video of yummy looking foods.

Unreality TV

Replace all episodes of Reality TV shows and play something awesome like The Wire or Shameless or BSG or Breaking Bad or something.

Make This A Video

Find some good music that reasonably synchronizes with the current scene and play it.


Buffalo Tom, stat.

Herbie Mode

Any time someone is shown walking, play the clip in reverse and play Rocket by Herbie Hancock.

Then turn the TV off and play all of Head Hunters.