Charity digital in 2016

It’s the start of 2017 so, just when you least expected it, here’s a few of my favourite digital things that I spotted in the charity space last year, ta da!

BHF Restart A Heart

This completely took me by surprise. For an entire day all anyone could talk about was this amazingly clever tweet from the British Heart Foundation. Developed in partnership with Twitter, it was the first time a brand had been able to use the ‘Like’ function to generate an action — in this case, sending an automated tweet in response.

There were 47,000 mentions of their campaign hashtag globally within a week of this tweet being tweeted, and led to a 1,163% increase in launch day mentions vs 2015’s campaign.

The National Autistic Society’s Too Much Information

Back in October I did a talk at an event called Overherd, also speaking at the event was the team from The National Autistic Society. They were sharing some incredible results from the first part of their massive Too Much Information campaign. You can read more about their talk from James Gadsby Peet who did a super helpful write up of all the talks.

Mencap Here I Am

In another blog post I wrote about chatbots, and how organisations like Mencap have been using them in various ways to engage supporters. As part of their brilliant Here I Am campaign they created this bot that chatted to you about learning disabilities in a conversational, accessible way. Give it a go yourself.

NSPCC Pantosaurus

I dare you to watch this and not sing along. Definitely one of the most memorable charity videos of the year. Simplistic, catchy and well animated it’s absolutely perfect for its intended audience, and also anyone who just likes catchy songs…

RNLI Saving Lives At Sea

During the summer the BBC aired a brilliant series on the work of the RNLI and their volunteers up and down the country. Not only was it a brilliantly shot and hugely insightful series to watch, the digital team at RNLI did some of the best second-screen’ing ever. Their constant live tweeting and responding to questions was so impressive and helped ensure they stayed among the top trends each night. The real highlight though was how they were able to continue the story by getting viewers to make the jump to their Facebook page once the show had finished to then have a live chat with some of the volunteers who’d been featured in that evening’s broadcast.

Blue Cross Tap Dogs

What could be better than combining easy, contactless giving with cute dogs? I’m a big fan of contactless and would love to see more charities using it (see my previous blog) — this was definitely one of the most eye catching and interesting examples of it being used in the sector in 2016.

Here’s to 2017 and loads more amazing digital work by amazing charities!