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Now is the time for dreaming, building, investing and co-creating new forms of civic infrastructure with regenerative potential, to support the emergence of an economy in service to all life.

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Photo by Kym MacKinnon on Unsplash

Like many, I’ve been struggling to make sense of what is going on at this time. But in this unknowing, with everything that has been revealed, I do believe we are being called to dream up new realities, to find the courage to not know, to listen, experiment, unlearn, co-create and bring forth ‘the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.’ …

Notes from open zoom call 20/03/20

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Before the coronavirus pandemic locked the world down, I (along with others) had been exploring this idea of how might friday become a day of mass, regular action on our collective futures — a day (or 20% of a working week) for radical collaboration.

More on where it emerged from can be found here and where it is now here and how others are thinking about it here and here.

Anyway last friday as folks began to lock down we ran an open zoom call for one hour to explore this question in the title above ^^^^.

30 folks joined the call, and clearly the coronavirus pandemic is the context which is framing everything right now, but here’s the headlines that came from the conversation. I’m literally just posting the raw thoughts…

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Starting in April I’m co-hosting and guiding a 6 month leadership journey for a group of leaders and practitioners working across a range of creative and communication disciplines in collaboration with Andres Roberts and The Bio-Leadership Project team.

I’ve been collaborating and journeying with Andres for many years, he’s a huge inspiration to me and I’m excited by what we’re bringing into the world together to help support a living network of awesome humans to do amazing things.

Andres recently did this TEDX talk, entitled >

‘How would nature change leadership ?’

Please watch it, it sets up beautifully why we’re doing this work.

This collaborative program is part of The Bio-Leadership Project strategy to develop sector clusters to seed and grow a whole system, an ecology of leadership , fit for a new post industrial command and control paradigm to evolve to a new form of leadership, leading as a living system, working with and as part of nature. …

In the places we live

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Could it be that the integrity, stability and beauty of nature is the wellspring of human intelligence? Could it be that the conquest of nature, however clever, is in fact a war against the source of mind?”

David Orr

I feel like a load of projects, inquiries and missions are starting to converge right now. As my last post for 2020 intentions noted, I’m trying to catalyse a mobilisation mission to get deeply into this year and beyond, properly funded and resourced with partners who are 100% in the ‘re-imagine everything space’ and aware of the urgency for a system shift if we are to adapt and build resilience as a culture to survive and hopefully thrive in what is coming our way. …

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2019 was a big year for me, working in a more portfolio way, juggling being a Dad and partner, with some big health challenges in the mix, while keeping creative side projects alive, balancing doing good for nothing with ‘good for something’ as well as keeping tabs on my own wellbeing, avoiding burn out, and getting into the woods and waves as much as possible and keeping bread baked, obviously.

I’m trying to discipline myself to keep putting stuff out, going open, because for me the more often I set intentions publicly, the more likely I am to achieve some of them. …

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“Will we be the first species to monitor its own extinction ?’’

9 years ago I saw Caroline Lucas speak on a panel at a sustainable business event in London, at the end of her talk she said these words ‘will we be the first species to monitor its own extinction ?’ — it was such a profound statement, it knocked me sideways , and I’ve never forgotten it.

At that time I was spiralling into grief, my own ecological breakdown, personally awakening to the realisation of what this industrial way of life, the pursuit of ‘infinite economic growth on a finite planet’, now so pervasive , was doing to the very earth systems that without which we cannot survive. …

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Been a busy few weeks for me, with some different and intense projects in full flow, I’m wanting to capture some emerging reflections, thoughts and ideas. The thread to my work is co-creating with others what is emerging, what is wanting to happen, the emerging future, one grounded in ecological principles. These are some of the connections I’m making as I go. So I’m documenting them openly. A practice I want to get better at. So this is a messy post.

The difference between saying and doing.

“We cannot talk our way out of problems we’ve behaved our way into”

Stephen Covey

I’m fascinated by how climate action is unfolding, sometimes it seems we are on the threshold of huge shifts, but then it often feels like scratching the surface in terms of action. …

Do you believe that we’re now living in a climate crisis?

Do you believe we’re facing an ecological crisis ?

Are you scared about it?

Are you wondering what you should do now that we’ve declared a climate emergency in the UK ?

Are you not sure you want to glue yourself to the street (yet) ?

I’m a yes to all of those, if you are yes to any of the above here’s an idea that you can get involved with.

Fridays for Future — for Everyone

First some quick context…

Fridays for Future is a movement dreamed up by Greta Thunberg and building all over the world as young people take to the streets on a friday, striking from school in protest at the continual lack of meaningful action from our political leaders on climate and ecological breakdown. This is seriously threatening all life on earth as well as the futures of our young generations. …

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Last Friday was the first school climate strike in the UK, my son decided to take part and protest with thousands of others across the country.

If you missed it, it’s a student led protest against the lack of meaningful climate action by the UK and international govts and what this continual inaction means for the future for young people.

A grassroots movement, activating monthly on a friday and spreading around the world, inspired by the courageous action of one teenage girl, Greta Thunberg. …

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8 years ago next month, Good for Nothing (GFN) spluttered out into the universe. On a freezing Saturday morning in east London, about 40 folks trusted our twitter call out, turned up and spent a day gifting their creative ideas and energy to 3 grassroots London based projects trying to solve important shit.

Wonderful things were created in just a few hours, communication ideas, digital and product concepts and designs, funding models and more — moreover new relationships were formed, knowledge was shared, friendships were made, fun was had, community was seeded, new ways of working were experimented with, new potential and possibility emerged. …


dan burgess

Change Strategist//Co-Designer//Creative Catalyst/Activist//Dad dreaming a new dream, @g00dfornothing, @wearewildlabs

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