A Mobile Newsroom: On The Move

In the video Journalism Revolution I watched by Tim Pool he talks about how he does journalism himself. He is just a regular guy with a cell phone camera trying to be a journalist. To me anyone can pick up their cellphone and do that. The difference between him and I is that I know all the techniques about newsgathering that’s what I’ve been trained to do. He might not have as much training because it seems like he just carries around a cellphone and try’s to be a journalist. Tim even says it himself you can distinguish the difference between me and a regular journalist. A regular journalist would not fit in with crowds and protesters like he can.

So in conclusion to the video watching segment. What I don’t like is that he’s calling himself a journalist because even tho he’s got the camera , the footage , the interviews that does not make him a traditional journalist. To me it offends me because I’ve went through the countless hours of training and he hasn’t but he’s still calling himself a journalist. That I do not like. What I do like about him is that he can kind of go igcognito because of his appearance which is just a regular casually dressed human with a cellphone.

So in conclusion he is not influencing me to do what he is doing , he might be influencing regular people or non traditional journalists , but he isn’t influencing the traditional journalist that I am.

Using Apps

The first app I came across was the “Tape a call” app. This app lets you record phone calls.

This app can be very useful because if you do not have another recording device like the ones we have in News7 with the high strength microphones this is the next best thing and also if the mics in News7 decide to crap out. A lot of times today when you do interviews is that the people you need to talk to most are not in the same area as you. Phone interviews are very common and it is very important to get the stuff from them you need. To do that it needs to be recorded.

The second app I found was the “Timecode plus app”. This app allows you to put notes next to certain times in a video. This app is unofficially tailored to filmmakers and photographers. By unofficially I mean that it does not say that but its pretty obvious that is who will most likely use it. If you find a spot in a video you like or want to use you can mark it at the exact time it happens. Extremely useful if you want to save time.

The third app was the “Evernote app” this app allows you to write down anything you want and keep it strictly organized the way you want it. The difference between this app and the note app on your phone is that you can organize it with more detail not just write it down. You can organize it into time, date , columns etc. Very useful is you are already an unorganized person because the stress of news gathering can make even the most organized people out of place.

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