Fake People Showing Fake News To Me

Fake people would be the liars that distribute fake news. The fake news is what they produce.

Fake news is overtaking our world as we know it, today there is less real news than fake news. Personally I think it’s because anyone will believe anything. People are so caught up in bias and want to believe something that they think is believable enough to do so. There’s 2 reasons why fake news is ruling our world.

Reason 1:

People will believe anything they hear.

Especially today with the booming amount of media out there there is a lot to believe or see as believable. People are gullible.

Gullibility is dangerous because people will believe fake news. Fake news is when a fake news organization puts out something that is not true but also something that is not stretched that far from the truth. That’s why it is so believable.

Reason 2:


When people see a story that they don’t agree with they will not be hesitant to call it fake. For example Donald Trump does this a lot. Even if There is clear cut evidence against him , he will deny it and call it fake. Because he does not like it and doesn’t want a bad reputation he will claim it to be fake. Him and others are the reason fake news is winning around the globe. Think of it as fuel to the fire. The fuel being bias and people thinking all news is untrue. The fire being fake news feeding off of that to where people cannot tell the difference.

In conclusion fake news is our own fault. It’s all in our heads. If we weren’t bias and weren’t so gullible fake news would not be a thing.

How we as journalists can educate the public in this matter is provide more clear cut evidence to where even a complete imbossile can tell the difference. If people see that the real stuff has evidence and facts they will be able to tell the difference.

A story I took from breitbart to be fact checked was this:

The story in Breitbart says that a can of soda spilled on an electronic device on a plane bound for Jacksonville and passengers were stranded at the airport after emergency landing.

The facts:

According to the New York Post this story was true. Every bit of it. The post was the most reliable source I could find to fact check.

Breaking it down we look at all the facts.

Yes soda spilled in the cabin

Yes passenger named Preston Wake had soda spilled on him

Yes plane landed in Jacksonville.

No passengers were not stranded for 10 hours. (This fact in the story is the only duffle between the two articles breitbart used this fact)

Could this be an attempt to add more drama to the story? Probably.

But it just goes to show how much changing one little thing can add so much to fake and real news.

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