Did this just happen?

I wrote a note to my lover instead of saying goodbye. I left it next to the gift I gave her the night before.

Sometimes it just doesn’t fit.

The only pen I could find was in my backpack on the kitchen floor. I lifted it from by the dog bowl and placed it on the counter.

I didn’t know they were there.

“Have a great day. Love.” I wrote on the back of an envelope. And I wondered if it would be better to interrupt her morning ritual instead.

I could not see clearly.

I grabbed my pack from its spot next to the sink. That exposed dozens of tiny little bugs crawling frantically on the white tile beneath.

Where did they all come from?

I reflexively turned by bag around to search the bottom for the source. But it was clean and dry as best I could see.

Sometimes you can’t find reasons for what happens.

I felt baffled and puzzled because it made no sense. There was nothing to do except wipe the tiny critters up and away.

At least I could clean up the mess.

When I got to my car I looked at the bottom of my pack again. There was absolutely no sign of any connection to those tiny lives.

It was like it never happened.