A Modest Proposal on Defending Health Clinics

The situation at Planned Parenthood locations and other women’s health clinics nationwide is out of control and supporters of Planned Parenthood and the like need to get pro-active. After the recent shooting in Colorado Springs, and past shootings, rightwing white Christian male terrorists are succeeding in the their zelotist attempt to scare people away from Planned Parenthood clinics, as either clients or workers, and we cannot let this happen. This is gonna sound crazy to some, but hear me out. We need to handle this a community and handle it together through needed solidarity to keep these clinics safe. This is why instead of relying on private security or the police, we need to create community security in places where there are Planned Parenthood and women’s health clinics. Yes, I mean armed guards that are you and me directly protecting them from terrorists. And I will be the first to sign up. Hell, let’s enlist the radical techies and create an app where people in communities can sign up for duty and schedule shifts. Let’s use platform cooperativism to protect our health centers and defend them against forces of repression. Because if we don’t get proactive, then sooner or later we gonna end up having to create AirBnB style apps to move these clinics around to different locations to protect people’s safety and I’d rather not have to do that. It is a shame to see spaces like this militarized, but that choice was made by right wing terrorists. We can stand our ground as well, as much as we’d rather not see violence, defending Planned Parenthood is a must, one way or another.