Anne-Laure Hoegeli and Eric Toulemonde’s Wedding

Summer is always the big wedding season, and last year I chose to take on two. Lotte and Wytze in Amsterdam, and Anne-Laure and Eric in Carcassonne, France.

I first met Anne-Laure while she was working together with Liam over at the Rude Baguette, and was immediately impressed with her organisational skills. Anne-Laure was my main point of contact for a number of events I covered for Liam, and she never missed a thing.

So when Anne-Laure asked if I’d consider photographing her wedding, I believe my response time could have been measured in nano-seconds. It wasn’t even a question for me. Two beautiful people, in a beautiful setting, sharing love? Sign. Me. Up!

Admittedly, getting to Carcassonne took a bit of a logistical, “absolutely nothing can go wrong here. You have just enough time to get from the venue to the airport, on that plane, fly, land, and then go straight to the evening reception,” miracle. And as the fates would have it, touchdown in Carcassonne right. on. time.

Right at Home

While Eric was born and raised in Versailles, Anne-Laure comes from Carcassonne, and it was a real treat to accompany her during the day leading up to the ceremony. That morning, she told me the story of how the hairdresser that was doing her wedding hair, has been the same hairdresser she’d been seeing since she was four years old. Likewise, makeup artist, she’s known for some 10 plus years.

This got me to thinking about the history and homogeny that comes with sticking close to home and forging those life long relationships. And now, these relationships also include a whole new family.

The French Affair

As my friend Trista asked at the reception dinner later that evening, “Have you never been to a French wedding? Oh yeah, we’re in for a night of productions.” … and that’s putting it lightly.

From the dinner with friends the night before, to the city hall legal marriage, to the church official marriage to the dinner and party that evening, nothing was small, and nothing was unplanned. And for a bride on her most important day, I’ve never seen Anne-Laure act any cooler. If she was nervous, you couldn’t see it on her face.

And Eric? Man, this guy might just be auditioning for the next Bond film. Cool under pressure doesn’t even begin to describe it.

As with every wedding I shoot, it’s always a true honour to be selected as the person entrusted to capture a couple’s very special day. From the rehearsal get together the night before, the marathon that is the wedding day, and then the boozy, hangover family meal the next day, I’m no expert, but I’d say absolutely flawless execution.

So ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glass. To Anne-Laure and Eric, on your one year anniversary. A toast. To you both. … and many more to come!

Enjoy, and if you’d like to work with me … get in touch!