Do Something Fun

On Sunday for fun I played with water balloons with some of my friends. We made a couple of buckets full of water balloons to play multiple games. First we played a water balloon toss. I was the first one to have the balloon pop on myself when I caught it. Then we played a different version of tag where the person that was it had water balloons and had to throw them at people to get them out. Finally since we still had water balloons left over we played a game of dodge ball but with water balloons. By the end of all the games everyone was soaked. There was lots of laughs and thankful no one got hurt.

The Image on the right is the game of tag with water balloons.

Mind Map (Image)

Mind Map (Digitization)

I made my mind map directly in the web application.

Suggested Themes

Sleeping For College Students

I believe this sub-theme needs to be explored more because sleep is an necessity of life. There is so much research out there about sleep and how we need it. College students especially need to start getting more sleep. You are suppose to get 7–8 hours of sleep each night, but for students that is almost impossible some nights. We pack our schedules to always be busy with classes, work, exercise, studying, homework, and hanging out with friends. Since we are so busy you have to sacrifice one thing to keep up with all the other things you have to do. For most college students it is sleep that they sacrifice to stay on top of things. Sleep should be a priority but it ends up being at the bottom of the list for most people.

Technology Fitness Aids

Due to the health and fitness trend there are more and more fitness aids coming into market. I believe it is a good sub-theme due to all the rave about it. Before technology was huge people would have coaches or personal trainers to help them get into shape. Now there are multiple mobile apps to help track your fitness and even some apps that give you a workout plan. They are even coming up with other products, like the Fitbit or Nike+ shoes, to help track how many steps you take. All these aids are to help motivate you to work out and to push yourself to your goal. I believe there can be more to fitness aids than just tracking your step. There needs to be a product that evolves with you on your fitness journey. Everyone at some point in their fitness career will hit a plateau. There should be a product that recognizes this plateau and is able to help you push pass it to help you become your best.

Sun Damage

Skin care is important for your health. Many people love to tan and don’t realize how bad it is for you. People need to learn how to protect their skin from skin cancer and any other skin diseases. There are so many ways to protect your skin and eyes from sun damage. Hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen are all made to protect you from the sun, but not everyone uses them. Some people don’t want hat hair so they won’t wear hats. While there is other people who don’t want tan lines on their face so they won’t wear sun glasses or some people all together won’t wear sunscreen to be tan. There needs to be a product that people enjoy using to protect themselves from the sun.

10 Silly Ideas

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