10/21- My general ideas

10/23- Create a new warm up game

10/24- Brainstorming session

10/25- Re-sketch top ten ideas and work on blog

10/26- Blog

My General Ideas

How to make healthy diets more accessible to college students?

New Warm-Up Game

My new warm-up game is called 15. You stand in a circle and one person starts. They point to someone and say 1. Then that person points to someone else and says 2. This continues until they reach 15. Whoever is the last one pointed at (15), they create a new rule to the game. For example, switching 5 and 11, or 7 has to spin in a circle. The game ends when there are 15 rules put into place.

Session Organization


Kimberly, an accountant major, was chosen because she just had ACL surgery so it is harder for her to work out as often as she use to. She is very focused on eating healthy and well, but has a hard time being able to travel to get those healthy food because she is currently recovering from surgery. Kimberly is my roommate’s friend.

Julia, a senior studying food science, was chosen because of her background knowledge in food and nutrition. She doesn’t always eat healthy because it is expensive and time consuming. She also tries to work out at least once a week with her busy schedule.

Nick, a sophomore in business, is a co-worker of mine. I chose him because he doesn’t exercise anymore since school has started and has also stopped eating healthy. He has such a busy life with classes, work, and an internship, where he goes out to eat at fast food restaurants a lot more often than cooking at home.

Kaitlin, an engineering major, is my roommate. I chose her because she likes to eat healthy but also enjoys occasional desserts and junk food. She is also on Ski Team so she is the most active out of the group.


I rented out the Business Room in Floco Fusion to conduct the group brainstorming session. It was interesting because one wall had one big mirror on it. The space did have a nice long but narrow table with chairs.

Warm-Up Games:


Zip Zap Zop

Idea Generation:

Length of time: 25 minutes

Total number of ideas: 63

IPM: 0.63

Sorting and Voting

I had them at first try to silently sort their ideas. After awhile I let them talk about what categories they sorted things into in order to sort the rest of their ideas.

They sorted each thing into several categories. They did it based on what each one was about. The main categories are: Community Health Gardens, Peer Reminders to be Healthy, Farmers Market (Organic Foods), Fitness Programs, Incentive Base, Automotive, and Technological Approach.

I then had them vote on 6 of their favorite ideas. I gave them each a black sharpie to draw a circle on each idea they like.

Top Ideas

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