How fear is holding you back as an entrepreneur

The six basic fears according to Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich are:


Most fears should fall under one of these categories so they don’t need to be stated. Fear is nothing more than a state of mind though. The only thing you have pure control over are your thoughts.

You have to be really open to change before you can move forward with this. If you don’t have a certain level of self awareness you won’t really be able to grow or solve these inner issues.

The one thing everyone should have a certain level of control over is your thinking. The purpose of this article is to give practical advice on the steps you should take to overcome these inner fears and worries.

The best way to fight these fears are:

Taking massive action.

This might seem like the simple answer. But every once in awhile when you’re overthinking a problem, the answer is to just take action. Learn as you go.

Just start. Get on social media. Build a website. Start writing a blog. You learn a lot more lessons from trying and making mistakes than just waiting to do the right thing.

The more experience you gain, the more that becomes clear and you start to know what you need to do. Waiting for the answer to come is just wasting time you could be learning through action.

Be Process Oriented.

You have to stop worrying about the outcome and just learn to enjoy the process. You’re most likely an entrepreneur because you get to be in control or do whatever it is that you love.

You can’t just skip the steps and at the end of it, why do anything if you don’t feel like it? Just learn to be present and go along with what’s happening. No point to fighting it.

The more you can just enjoy what you’e doing in the moment the higher quality work you can achieve. When you don’t want to be in that moment your focus is somewhere else and taking away your energy.

Protect yourself from negative influences

You have to recognize what you want for yourself and align your focus with those goals. It’s about building immunity against the negativity coming from yourself and others.

Will-power is one of the most effective weapons against negative influences. Recognize that there is weakness inside of you the same as everyone else. Only open yourself to those that give you more positive energy in your interactions.

Seek the company of people who influence you to think and act for yourself. Leaving your mind open to controlling and negative people will be a huge regret.

Go against the negativity and the reward is well worth your effort.