Introducing Scaleboot.

Alexander III
Apr 17, 2018 · 2 min read
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Scaleboot is a service by and for bootstrappers to help you validate your minimum viable product idea, following you through the development process and assisting you with the launch..

The Idea

Scaleboot was established in a weekend after a talk between I and co-founder Toni about launching minimum viable products, a task that is tedious and difficult and many times doesn’t pay off. Despite all the information in regards to the topic, we felt that every product is different and it is impossible to formulate several universal rules to apply to all MVPs in existence. With that in mind, we decided to search whether services or tools existed in the market for this specific purpose, but we only stumbled upon groups to help you be more productive and ship your products, platforms such as ProductHunt to showcase your creations and several blog posts and articles sharing tips and advice for bootstrappers. Then again, we quickly noticed that

The way they ship or bootstrap their products won’t be the same for you

We know that everyone is different and no product is the same, so we want you to ship in your own unique way, depending on your product, and launch a successful MVP. We understand the bootstrapping process, your metrics and benchmarks.

We are still a long way from our goal and by achieving yours, we achieve ours. If you are a bird, we are a bird too.

Here’s our easter egg 🙌🏽

Scaleboot To Bootstrappers

  • Users don’t read the way they speak. Go through your sites content again, use action words.
  • 70% of your users will judge your product’s design, so don’t take it for granted and put yourself in the shoes of a newcomer. If you can manage to understand what the product is about, so will a new user.
  • Users are indecisive, make a decision for them. If you can do it for your users, then go for it. It can help you get more leads or sales, and makes your visitors less doubtful.
  • You are your very first user. If you can’t use your own product properly, do you really expect that someone else will be able to do that?
  • A product is never finished, it’s only good enough to launch. Your users are waiting for you to solve a problem, not waiting for you to finish.
  • Let your users be part of your development process, you’ll learn a lot and find out flaws that you might have overlooked. They are actually waiting for you to ask. Always more than happy to help.
  • If you have designed a bird but doesn’t look like one, label it “Bird” 😊

Want more advice, features and updates? Got questions? Feel free to tweet at Scaleboot on Twitter or engage us on our website

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