I see your point but using “bitches” or “hoes” as a way to denigrate your enemy is bad for women.
Stacey Bonet

Individuals are attempting to claim that Talib Kweli is sexist for classifying a human being as a “B*tch” or “Ho” when both terms are utilized in the context of degrading subjects that are exploitative. For example, a female that distributes her sexual organs to a male for currency is a “B*tch”. However, a loyal female that values a human being based on their character is a “woman” or “Queen”. Thus, Overstand the idea that the term “B*tch” is directed towards females and males that possess exploitative behaviors that are consequential for the targeted subject.

It is not a statement that is merely targeted towards females. A decent portion of females are “Queens” while other females are “B*tches”. Compare a gold-diggin’ Hood-rat to a dedicated mother or scholar.

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