Before you pick up the phone to contact a prospective customer, do your homework.
Before you pick up the phone to contact a prospective customer, do your homework.
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For many years now, making the initial contact by phone to someone who doesn’t know you or your company- AKA prospecting- has called for a very different approach on the part of the seller. Effective sales prospecting is now much more a coordinated, integrated effort of sales and marketing. This applies to nearly all B2B selling.

Telemarketing alone won’t get the response you need 97% of the time.

People don’t answer calls from numbers they don’t recognize. I still see job postings for sales positions that go into details about the work they want the seller to do. …

Two worlds influence workplace behavior. Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

The norms that develop from your interactions form the guidance people internalize to make decisions. In my experience, I see two dominant cultures.

What is culture, and does it matter?

What you spend time, money, and energy on tells people what you value. After experiencing a couple of different organizations, you can see differences. The way people interact with clients and co-workers reveals a culture.

Your company’s collective behavior is not something primarily driven by your market. Culture develops as an extension of the leaders’ attitudes and behaviors.

An industry can influence culture. Employees in a medical research company will generally behave differently than those at an…

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Marketing is one of the three functions of any business. To make something meaningful happen, here’s what you need to know.

When you determine that you need to change something in your business, you need a plan. Marketing may be the focus of a change you want or support a goal in another area of your business. Use the section headings and insights here to guide your planning. Identifying resources needed to contribute to each task is definitely something to know, as is being creative in finding ways to get resources you don’t already have.

Understanding marketing starts with foundational…

Know when to have Marketing hand leads off to Sales to improve revenue and focus.
Know when to have Marketing hand leads off to Sales to improve revenue and focus.
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Time is your scarcest resource. Timing is everything. Whether you are personally both the marketer and sales rep or have other people in these roles, you need to know when Marketing should deem a lead is ready to talk with Sales.

In the digital age, you’ll need some insights so you can connect with the prospect at the right time, in the right way. Just because someone completes a form on your website, they still may not be ready for your selling effort. …

Getting People to Your Posts

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Creating original content is vitally important in digital marketing. But to make it a great business asset, there’s a second step. You have to tell people about it.

Targeted Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Analytics might seem overwhelming and out-of-reach for entrepreneurs and small businesses. This article is a how-to guide on promoting your original content. This important but low-intensity and low/no-cost task will make sure your money stays where it belongs- in your pocket.

To attract people to your content and grow your audience, offer them content that helps them. Creating longer, thoughtful content your customers appreciate, in forms like…

Many entrepreneurs start a company because they personally have a strength in the core deliverable of the new business. Technical expertise in areas like engineering, chemistry, and information technology often leads to a business being formed on the basis of the founder’s invention. It is understandable, then, that marketing may be somewhat of a mystery to many business founders.

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Using the example of an early stage manufacturer that develops and produces electronics for wildlife research, I’ll take you through an example of how digital marketing helps someone who never heard of you become a customer. …

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Brand pillars are the points that set your company apart from competitors. You want to sum up your outlook on the things that matter most to your customers, and where it naturally fits, reinforce those ideas in content you produce. Theses can be any points that your customers feel are important- convenience, reliability, on-time delivery, innovation, etc. And you are not limited to just one thing, but I do recommend no more than three. More than that and A) it becomes harder for your customers to remember and B) dilutes your focus.

Why did you start your business?

Many startups are formed because the founders see…

Trade Shows and Conferences are Powerful Marketing Elements. Image by <​a href​=”>

Conferences and trade shows can be a very productive part of your marketing mix. For connecting with your prospective and actual customers, a trade show is the best. At the right events, you’ll have opportunities to identify and connect with multiple potential customers, and reinforce relationships with existing customers.

Done right, you could score higher visibility than your competitors, and this can be done with lower cash outlay as compared to simply buying the most visible booth with extended space. Here are some ways to do so.


Be Engaging. You paid good money to be at this event, so make…

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Your website is your digital catalog and, with video and audio, your not-so-silent sales rep. Like an actual sales rep, you want to be well represented. You want your rep to be knowledgeable, imaginative, and an effective communicator. When a person represents you and your company, you provide that person product training, as well as the general flow of the ordering process, manufacturing lead time guidance, pricing information, and a definition of what is good business for your company. This way, you enable your rep to identify good prospects he can guide to the right expectations and a sale.



With over 20 years of sales and marketing experience, I want to help small businesses make the best use of low and no-cost resources to make lives better.

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