How to set up your own IOTA hornet node on a Raspberry Pi 4

Do you have experience with Raspberry Pi and/or Linux command line input? Do you understand SSH and do you know how to adjust the settings of your router? Then follow the short description. Otherwise, I have described and explained the individual steps in detail below.

Table of contents1. Short description
- Raspberry Pi 4 B (or 3 B+ but not recommended)
- Ubuntu server
2. Long description for the Raspberry Pi
- Dynamic DNS
- Set up your Hornet Node
- Connect to the Raspberry Pi
- Adding static neighbors to your node
- One last thing: IOTA Commander

Eine kritische Untersuchung der aktuellen Ereignisse

English Version


Es geht mir mit dieser Niederschrift nicht darum, das, was aktuell geschieht auf der Welt, zu verharmlosen, oder Schuldzuweisungen zu machen. Es geht mir mehr darum, dass wir uns Gedanken machen darüber, wie es dazu kommen konnte und was aktuell gerade geschieht. Ich werde wohl mit dieser Meinung bei vielen Lesern Emotionen auslösen. Es sind schwierige Fragen, womit wir uns in der aktuellen Situation beschäftigen müssen. Was sind wir bereit zu opfern in diesen Zeiten? Wie definieren wir unser Verständnis von Ethik, unsere gesellschaftliche Verantwortung? Wie weit geht die Maxime: Einer für alle, alle für einen?

Sammlung aus den Originalen Greta Foto und COVID-19 cartoon (LANDGREN, Worcester magazine,

Ein Blick zurück

2019 war…

A critical examination of current events

Zur deutschen Version


I do not intend with this writing to trivialize what is currently happening in the world, or to assign blame. I am more concerned that we should reflect on how this could have happened and what is currently happening. This opinion will probably trigger emotions in many readers. These are difficult questions, which we have to deal with in the current situation. What are we prepared to sacrifice in these times? How do we define our understanding of ethics, our social responsibility? How far does the maxim go: one for all, all for one?

Collected from original sources for greta photo and COVID-19 cartoon (LANDGREN, Worcester magazine,

A look back

2019 was marked…

Holy Grail with a Bitcoin in it
Holy Grail with a Bitcoin in it

The democratization of value creation and data exchange is a nightmare for all those who, since the Middle Ages, have built their prosperity on the hump of the working class.

The time is ripe for every single slave of capitalism to rise up and stand up against the authorities.

Bitcoin advocates present the Bitcoin generally and effectively as a saviour that has been created precisely for this purpose.

On closer inspection, however, Bitcoin is not a solution to the problem, but only a shift, because the incentive system of mining will inevitably lead to the same problems as we see…

Why IOTA is the future model

Today we live in a world of abundance, at least the Western oriented cultures. Without regard to the earth, animals, plants and even other people, resources are wasted. The ecological footprint is a nice way to show this waste. The overshoot day, the day in a year when mankind has consumed the natural annual resources of the earth, comes earlier and earlier.


Wars are waged so that the powerful retain access to the resources they need to satisfy their own society. With the resources whole peoples are soothed, consumption is gloryfied, capitalism is deified.

“Everyone is the architect of his…

HODLers vs TRADers: Which team are you in?

A short review

I can’t remember exactly why I started to be interested in crypto currencies in February 2017. After a three-month phase of orientation, I started investing slowly in the market around the end of April. This was at a time when the market was relatively calm. The Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin were constantly increasing and it seemed to me that the time was right to make small investments.

Although the total capitalization in the crypto market rose from $30B at the end of April to mid-September 2017 to almost $180B, I could not feel this in my portfolio. On the contrary…

Group-dynamic processes as an explanatory approach

Why is the FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) against IOTA so big? Is it at all, or is the FUD against IOTA overrated by the IOTA supporters? Which psychological processes can be used as explanatory approaches to understand FUD in crypto space in general and against IOTA in particular?

I try to find some answers to these questions here. But before I can do that, I have to go back and explain something fundamental about human thinking.

Thinking in categories

The complexity of our environment is too high for us to deal with or talk to each other without a simplified mental image of…

Since Roman Semko launched CarrIOTA Bolero I’ve tried multiple times to set it up on a Windows 10 machine. I think I went through most errors that are reported when it comes to install CarrIOTA Bolero on a Windows computer. Most of the errors turned out to be my fault. One error, however, proved to be extremely persistent: IRI was never fully synchronized.

It was sort of annoying and after many many tries I almost gave up. It was early February when Roman Semko came up with CarrIOTA Field which he integrated in CarrIOTA Bolero by 13th of March. The…

Daniel Stricker

Family guy, Geek, Tech Oriented, Psychophysics, Statistics, Social Scientist, Medical Education, IOTA fan and proud member of IOTA Evangelist Network

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