The Degenerate Side Of Being An Entrepreneur.
Chantel Carnes

I absolutely feel you! I recently told my mom I didn’t “Know how to hang out.” I’m so driven toward my entrepreneurial goals I struggle wanting to shut it down to hang or spend time socializing.

I’m from a town of less than 1,000 people and I knew from a young age wrestling was going to be my ticket out into the greater world around. I won 3 high school state championships and went on to compete for Michigan State University where I was a 4 year starter and 3 year NCAA Qualifier. I then went on to coach wrestling at Stanford University, but eventually realized I wanted to see what else the world had to offer.

I went full time in a sales position but was let go a year and a half into the job — I had no passion and you couldn’t pay me enough to engage in the sales tactics I was being sold — I didn’t feel good about trying to up-sale your grandma just so my employer could earn a few extra dollars and brag about being “best in class.”

Since then I’ve moved into a van and am crafting a simple, sustainable, and adventurous lifestyle; for those who seek freedom through adventure. I’ve lived in the van for 10 months and am working on building my own social media agency; as well as build my freelance copywriting business.

My goals went from winning National Championships to the ones I have today — with the umbrella goal being to circumnavigate the globe and inspire others to take action toward living out their one true beautiful lives.

It isn’t easy, but its worth it. Thanks for sharing your story! Good luck in your journey!

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