My 31 Day Writing Experiment: Blogging by Phone — thumbing through ideas! #1

Attempting to capture the essence of text communication through blogging as a way to share the flowing ideas running through my noggin.

I’m writing a daily blog — Experimenting with using my phone — many times during the day as a writer I’m infused with ideas, which mostly drift into space with the rest of my thoughts…I want to capture them!

Here we go:

Spartan Brothers — Michigan State Wrestling

I just had lunch with an old teammate and friend, Joel — who works for Stryker Medical and is in the Bay Area for work. He departed my van and got an Uber — it’s always fun when getting picked up or dropped off to the van — living in a vehicle is a foreign concept to most, but I love it.

I’m excited to write my article with a phone. I have the Google Pixel which has been an exceptional option — the technology exceeds my current uses. I theorize I’ll write more, better content if I start the process from my phone.

I live in a van and uphold a pretty unorthodox lifestyle — hence the “Modern Day Mavericks” branding. The definition of a Maverick is someone who lives an unorthodox or independent-minded life.

Life is not always a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well.” — Jack London

The life of a Maverick

Would you consider sleeping in different locations every night, pissing in a gallon jug, and using your van window as a mirror to shave your mustache anything but Independent​-minded?

I didn’t think so…

I view your phone as an extension of the body

Smart phones have integrated themselves so deeply within our society we might as well consider ourselves the newest version of cyborg — really though.

I’m not upset about it — its officially part of the makeup of our culture; and similarly to the way talking and drawing were once introduced as new ideas to share thoughts to connect with one another —we are living through change and building on everything from before — a new form of connection is a new form of connection.

I’ve always made it hard on myself — needing to sit down and structure a writing session before I would freely spit my soul. Many times during the process I’d lose luster and never get to writing — in an attempt to make it easy on myself and catch the moments of inspiration that happen throughout the day I’ve decided to use Medium to write a blog as the thoughts come streaming throughout my day — in a way you’ll get to see how my brain works by connecting stories to the randomness of my mind.

The experiment is meant to let my thumbs become a pencil and the screen an empty parcel.

In what way do you communicate most throughout the day? For some of you it might be interpersonal communication, but I’m talking about really communicating. What type of communication do you use when you are most engaged in a conversation?

I’ll be willing to bet it’s texting. LMAO…right?

Think about it — we text like we speak and speak how we feel.

I know the language of texting — I’ll bet I have a pH.d in text communications, and so do you. We do it so often we’ve become extremely adapted and proficient — we’ve even created slang that is understood cross-culturally (lol, g2g, & ttyl for example).

Let’s face it — we are in the creation phase of an entirely different language. History isn’t a blank stagnate subject, we are at the front of history creating our own destiny.

You’d be foolish to forget your significance — it doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done; you’re living right now which isn’t without purpose.

Maybe you can’t see it, but perspective is everything.

Living in a van and opening myself to the unknown world beyond the media and propaganda has grown my perspective immensely. Little things that used to matter are now washed away — leaving my tank refilled with gratitude and appreciation.

I’m certainly aware this lifestyle isn’t for everyone, nor am I suggesting everyone do what I do. No — actually I believe you should follow your voice and do what your hearts calling you to do.

I live in a van because I went to college and forgot who I was and what I enjoyed in life. I lost sight of what mattered to me. My dreams of being fully sustainable and capable of providing for a family are very much intact; I thought the best way to learn how to become a man and take ownership of my life would be to move into the van and force myself into a state of resourcefulness.

I tend to go to the extremes in life — I believe that’s what drove most of my wrestling success. But I’m not asking that of you. I’m encouraging you to expand your horizons, open your sails, and let the experience of your day (regardless of the whereabouts or activity) guide your path.

There is adventure in all of us — it’s time to let your inner child run free. As freedom begins in the mind with your essence laying within — you’re technically always free — it’s your thoughts that trick you into disbelief — causing you to fall down stream with the meandering thoughts of the mind— the truth is you’re as strong as an Ox and as free as an Eagle — the next time you feel bogged down and full of lethargy, take 30 deep breaths in and out of your nose — move your body — breath.

Remember — you are free — you are living a fantastically abundant life on Earth. You’re living right here…right now…on Earth.

Benjamin Franklin used to breath this air. Marco Polo was once 26 and dealt with the struggles of the mind just like you and I. Life goes beyond us but let’s soak it up while we’re here.

The morning will come when you’re waking with sun in your eyes — the smell of breakfast in the air, when the fogged realization that you’re now 80 years old and feel like life has come and gone in the blink of an eye — rewind the scene, what is your story going to say?

How does __(insert your name)____ wake up feeling as the groggy morning fog washes away your thoughts and you suddenly remember you’ve been walking a path for the past 80 years?

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