Day 90–1/30/15

It has been a wild first 90 days. I will look to post a more detailed recap, as well as what are next steps are, by tomorrow night.

Today is mostly a day of reflecting. Reflecting about what we have done so far, what has gone well, and what can be done better. About what our expectations are for our next 90 days and what changes we need to make in order to get there.

This product will exist in the world, whether it’s this model (A) or some variation of it (A’’’), because it solves a problem that people want solved. Someone will eventually figure out how to make it work. If it’s not us, then it will be some other team. We’re fairly confident that it is not a question of “if it will work”, but rather “who will be able to make it work” and when.

I am glad that we did the things that we said we were going to do 90 days ago (team, V1 of product, $) and am thankful for all of the help and feedback so many of you have given us. Hopefully we can continue to build an engaging community by being consistently transparent.

Time to test our hypothesis.

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