If only the actions in the article would be adopted we would soon end this endless battle with…
vivienne Leijonhufvu

Thanks for reading my essay Vivienne.

You make some excellent points I’ll include in the book I’m writing.

I too see no other option. We simply don’t have the military, gold, time, and especially the WILL to invade, conquer, and indefinitely occupy 57 OIC states. We’ve just spent 16 years, $6.5 Trillion, and sacrificed over 6500 Patriots trying to conventionally control just 2 of those 57 OIC states, which are worse now than the day we first set foot there.

A conventional military solution is impossible. This leaves just one option.

Our grandfathers wouldn’t hesitate one day to use our nuclear arsenal to solve this problem. We should learn from them, instead of arrogantly believing we’re intellectually and morally superior to them (we’re not). The strategy I advocate is nearly identical to the strategy our grandfathers used to extinguish Nazism and Shintoism.

I just have one suggestion for you to consider; and that’s your Day One target selection. I agree with Iran. But instead of Saudi, I believe the Pakistani arsenal, Raqqa, and now the N Korean nuke arsenal must all be targeted simultaneously because they are more of an immediate threat.

The idea being, with Dar al-Islam witnessing our will to use such a massive show of force, states like Saudi and others would concede to our will instead of experiencing the same fate. But if they don’t, 1 random nuke strike every 72 hours will solve the problem. My best estimate is 20 to 30 strikes will be required to force the surrender of all 57 states to our will.

By definition: “The first side losing the will to fight loses the war.”

Our objective is to quickly demonstrate to Dar al-Islam they have no chance for victory, thus breaking their will to fight, forcing their surrender to our terms.

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