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The flaw in your argument: The Warriors are the best passing team of all time. Better even than the Showtime Lakers (and I am such a fan of Magic-Kareem-Worthy et al that it physically hurts me to say that). The beauty of the game is not dribbling up to the 28 foot mark and hoisting a 3; the beauty of the game is running players off multiple screens and making sharp cuts to the hoop for an easy layup. It’s make 4–5–6 passes to find the guy who is even more open than the last guy. It’s unselfishness. It’s a superstar like Thompson ceding to a first-round-hall-of-famer like Curry who cedes to a maybe-one-of-5-best-all-time players like Durant, without a single ego being visibly bruised.

No team is better at that. And that is basketball at its essence.