Zodiac Atomosphere Live Paint

Last week, I became a fan to go solo
There is a duty to go because apparently do event

Gathered number of people is about 20 people
Apparently some people famous According to the place to hear

But I’m not sure since it is not a painter
Listen tried. That person is who?

He is Deino


He spoke to me

“I am Deino. Is the husband of Aogachou”

WHAT’S !?!?

“If it is good it will be presented”

I got to sign. my treasure
You cherish life

Live Paint start

graffiti. A cute chick

Pen in his right hand. Beer in the left hand
Meaning you do not know

It progresses. Amazing

Completed. Too terrible

Painting and Aogachou
Commemorative photo

Input to sign and date

God is unfair. Talent inequality

I would not get over in shock if the painter
I’m not a painter. Was good

It became a very good stimulus. Thank you.
I do not want to lose. I want to win.
I will do my best.


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