Give Your Ideas Away.
J. Westenberg 🌈

Idk about sharing and gain benefits from wider audience. But here’s what i’d do if i know i have a great, solid, do-able, profitable business model of an idea:

  • I’d spend time calling/talking to close trusted friends and ask them how they think about the ideas (better if that friend is someone you could ask to help you realizing the idea).
  • Nothing’s free, you gotta pay someone something to make a prototype of the idea, a product. If the idea is really good and you yourself confident about it, spending your own money into it should be no problem. Start small, if it didn’t turn out well, you’ll know it before you spend much money (investor money).
  • Many ways to Rome. If you run into an obstacle, try jumping over it, try going under it, try flanking it, try everything you could possibly imagine. Capital is not your main concern, but proofing that your idea is as great as you think is!

If your idea turned out to be huge hits, you will find it easy to pitch for an investor. I’ve seen many startups getting handsome amount of investment without even a solid monetization plan (just because so many people is using the product).

If you lose, you learn. If you win, you earn.