A lot of Sri Lankans have been confused and ill informed about the PAYE (Pay As You Earn) tax revision which would be in effect from 1st April, 2018. So here’s a clear and proper explanation for you based on the numbers.

Following graph compares the amount of PAYE tax you need to pay based on monthly regular profits aka your monthly salary under the current and new tax scheme. …

Driving in Sri Lanka, especially in Colombo is a real nightmare. Sad truth is no matter what Sri Lanka Police and government does, situation gets worse day by day.

I tried putting together stats of new vehicle registrations from Department of Motor Traffic. In 2015 we have a staggering number of 668,907 new vehicle registrations, almost doubling the value of 2010. We have so many vehicles on our roads and the numbers are growing rapidly despite the rising cost of purchasing and maintaining a vehicle.

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New registrations of motor vehicles by year according to Department of Motor Traffic, Sri Lanka

So obviously more vehicles on the road with less disciplined drivers lead to more accidents.

According to National Council for Road Safety there has been 3003 deaths due to road accidents in 2016 which has increased from 2436 in 2014 and 2801 in 2015. …

Sharing my thoughts on Serverless architecture and things you need to consider before jumping in, based on experience with AWS Lambda, Kinesis Streams, S3 and DynamoDB at CAKE LABS.

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