Factors that Distinguish Professional Copywriters from Amateurs

I think you have heard this “anyone who writes well can be a copywriter.”

Nothing can be further from the truth!

Great copywriters have unique skills and traits which set them aside from the rest of general writers.

The good news is this: You can also become a good copywriter; copywriting is an acquired skill which anybody can learn.

Just like in other disciplines, you have to practice if you want to produce great copy.

Businesses that want to excel must hire professional copywriters.

The following are some of the top characteristics of great copywriters that will help you sort out the best:

1. Great Copywriters Solve Problems

As already noted, copywriters are not just like any other writers.

A good copywriter solves real life problems facing a business. The copywriter will sit down with a business owner, learn what the brand is up to and develop a mechanism to increase conversion rates.

A good copywriter can turn words into cash. That is the real essence of copywriting.

2. Great copywriters connect emotionally with customers

People love unique and fresh content.

The whole aspect of buying and selling is emotional.

This means that if you can appeal to the emotions of the customers, they will buy your products.

Great copywriters know the psychology behind buying.

They enter into the customers’ minds and push them to buy using mere words.

How cool is that?

Normally, they achieve this by specifying the positive aspects of buying your product instead of the competitors’.

They also remove any restrictions and fears the customers could be having.

3. Great Copywriters Understand Websites

A great copywriter knows the essential requirements of a successful website.

They also know the essentials of great web copy.

Professional copywriters know how to create compelling copy for any website, where to put the words and how to express themselves.

Professional copywriters are highly creative in coming up with original copy.

A great copywriter can easily point out the weak areas of your website and make necessary recommendations.

If you are wise enough to follow the recommendations of expert copywriters, success will follow.

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4. Great Copywriters Want to Build a Partnership

Great copywriters are not in a rush to make money; they build long lasting relationships

They want your business to succeed.

They will help you in laying down the necessary foundation for success.

Hiring the right copywriter is like hiring a business partner who will help you grow and develop your business.

Great copywriters understand the path to success and they are ready to lead you there.

Great copywriters over-deliver; they go beyond their mandate to ensure that your business succeeds. They will actually go beyond their minimum requirements and offer more than required.

It is always profitable to hire expert copywriters.

5. Great Copywriters are Interested in Trends

Successful copywriters are intensely curious. They are not satisfied with one industry.

They multitask and invest in a wide pool of knowledge. They can write for any industry.

They study the prevailing industry conditions and gain expert knowledge in trending issues.

They always thirst to know more and to deliver more.

They spend a considerable amount of time researching small issues which make huge returns.

They discover the latest marketing techniques which deliver quickest results.

They can easily give you a new approach to common problems since they have a solid understanding of industry trends.

Their input is highly important in a business.

6. Great Copywriters are Flexible

Great copywriters are flexible.

They easily adjust to the client’s demands over short notices

For example, a copywriter may be told to use a new copywriting tome for a specific audience after submitting a draft. He can easily tone down or tone up and revert to the client in a jiffy.

Competent copywriters speak their own mind and make clever decisions based on their experience.

They may differ with the client but the result of the copy will always tell that the copywriters were right.

Great copywriters are confident enough to raise their opinions and differ from other people’s opinions without any emotional attachment.

Expert copywriters can express issues, absorb constructive criticism and make changes based on your direction.


Hiring a professional copywriter is the best business decision you will ever make. A great copywriter can work independently and deliver results without even meeting with you. Great copywriting is second to no other aspect of marketing and increasing the return on investment.

Make the wise decision today, invest in professional copywriting services and your business shall grow.