Monica Sordo: the beauty of jewelry

From Caracas, Venezuela, Monica Sordo became very passionate about jewels from a very young age. Influenced by her father´s industrial design workshop, Sordo grew up surrounded by metals. A few years later, Monica decided to to attend Istituto Marangonia to pursue a career in Fashion Styling. She eventually moved to Madrid where she studied Fashion Merchandising at Istituto Europeo di Design. Following her dreams, she decided to start a new life in New York where she discovered her biggest passion: jewelry design. While attending the Gemological Institute of America, her innate jewelry-crafting ability thrived in the highly educational and creative environment.

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Upon graduating, Monica was offered a position as Fashion Editor for Marie Claire Spain. During her time as a Fashion Editor, she played a crucial role in transforming the the publication into one of the strongest magazines in the entire European continent. Following this feat, she acquired extensive knowledge as Christian Louboutin’s PR Director in Spain. The combination of these two positions along with her eclectic educational background has shaped Monica Sordo’s career and given her the crown she wears today: one of the most celebrated Latin jewelry designers in the world.

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Architecture proves to be Sord0´s main inspiration behind each one of her collections. She has inherited art deco detailing and iconic buildings to serve as the main references behind the development of her line. In various interviews, Sordo has stated that as a designer, something that she has always found very interesting is the fact that there’s so much power in history. Beyond that, symbolism also acts an essential element throughout the development of her collections. By pushing design boundaries, Sordo uses dynamic angles and deep dimensions that help her pieces to stand out from the rest of other designers.

By approaching to fashion in unique innovative ways, Monica Sordo’s jewelry exudes sophistication. Aware and proud of her cultural background, Sordo works with local crafstmen from Lima in Peru. For the Spring-Summer 17 collection, Monica wanted to find ways to include more color in her pieces. Published at the very beginning of the collection’s lookbook, it reads: “I´ve been thinking about how could I inject color into my jewelry, and found a way to blend the technique inherent to my artisans with natural stones that bring understated beauty of the pieces.” Under the name, Callao, the collection expands on her extensive research of 1950’s architecture, being truly inspired by the lines and shapes of Italian architect Carlo Scarpa.

Photo: Instagram

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