Fathom Ventures is thrilled to have invested in Quaestor’s seed round and partnered with their co-founders John Melas-Kyriazi, Kevin Hsu, Deny Khoung, and Joe Lonsdale. The round was led by our friends at 8VC with participation from Spark Capital, Abstract Ventures, GFC, and Riot Ventures.

Our founding fathers had it right, and we broke it.

Our country is divided and becoming more so. Voting ballots only allow you to select one candidate. But it doesn’t have to be that way. And it shouldn’t because this limitation is unnecessary and creates a lot of problems. It prevents us from expressing our approval for other candidates, pushes society toward 2 parties with divisive extremes, and encourages negative campaigning and attack ads.

When elections allow voters to approve of multiple candidates, 3rd parties are no longer spoilers and moderate candidates might survive primaries. …

I really like the open source Arduino project. It’s easy to build low-power, robust, programable devices and connect all kinds of sensors and controls to these things. And they cost about $4 each.

There are C++ libraries to control tiny cheap OLED screens — and so much more.

They don’t require an operating system, so you write your code on a computer and send it to the device via USB or wifi.

Here is a demo of an arduino hooked up to 2 servos and using a button that is configured as an “external interrupt” to take priority in the…

It’s become an annual tradition: come to the coast of Maine to work and explore. It’s a bit of a shock to the system and a time to focus and get perspective.

Camera Images and Video

I’ve been immersing myself in Wolfram Language and connected tech.

The language supports so many functions that it can be quick and easy to connect to cameras and work with images in both simple and advanced ways.

Start from seed.

Place the seed in a germination medium inside a growth tube.

The growth tube is black on the inside with a light at the end. It can be small and placed in any orientation over the plant and the plant will grow toward the light.

As the plant grows in the desired direction, slide the growth tube and change the orientation to construct your design.

During growth, balance the roots with the foliage. Depending on your design, cover the roots with pre-cast molds, cover from light to avoid branches, or add growth tubes. …

Massachusetts “net metering” cap is halting new solar fields.

I own an undeveloped lot in rural Massachusetts, abutting an old landfill. The landfill was covered with soil and, in 2012, was approved to be converted into a municipal solar field.

I want to do the same next door. I think every watt we can shift away from hydrocarbons is great.

But there is a problem. This area is served by National Grid, a company that reached its solar net-metering cap. I now join a crowd who collectively represent more than 10 megawatts of solar projects that are waiting, halted. The…

Dan Von Kohorn

VC investor, entrepreneur, fund manager at Fathom Ventures. Blockchain data at Rhombus, Finance AI at Xynon

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