Number one, if you are not in it to win it, you never can win it. In other words, if you are not going to buy a lottery ticket, how can you even win the lottery? That goes across all areas of your life.
If you are not taking the actions to create a life you love, it will never happen. If you keep doing the same thing again and again, it will never happen.

Now, I understand that information does not equal power, they are two separate things. So now let me give you something that is going to empower you to realise a life you love.

Look at what the end destination is. This is the number one thing missing for people who really want to become successful and wealthy. Because wealth and success do not come to anyone unless they choose them. You have to choose it. And you have got to choose it with such clarity that you know all the elements that you are going to have in that dream lifestyle. From what car you are going to drive? what house you want? which country are you going to live in? how much do you want to be earning? how many clients will you be working with? doing what? recognised for doing what? Let yourself go, sit back and just allow your self fifteen minutes of uninterrupted time to dream that dream lifestyle.

Once you have walked through that ‘dream lifestyle’, right from waking up, what you do at lunch time? where you work? who you work with? How you relax in the afternoon? are you there with your lover? are you then looking forward to some kind of a trip away or a holiday? Once you’ve got that clearly in your mind, you’ve then got a clear destination that you are aiming to arrive at. From there, the actions to take will become clearer than ever.

Until you get this vision, you will never be clear, you will never take effective actions, you will always be dealing with the same challenges and the same problems. I am not saying that your challenges and problems will disappear, but I guarantee you, if you begin to simply dare dream of your dream lifestyle, and take that on, it will begin shaping the way you are being because the actions you are going to take are then going to be aligned with creating those things that inspire you.

So if you want to realise your dream lifestyle take it on today, visualise how you want your lifestyle to be and then ask yourself. “What are the very most effective actions I can take today? tomorrow? And this week to achieve this?”

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